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Gorilla Tracking in the Congo

Deep in the brush, you hear a rustling. Behind a thick curtain of green, you glimpse a giant black creature almost twice your size. Your heart races with the thrill of it: a western lowland gorilla just a few yards away. The beast is tranquil, pre-occupied with plucking lunch from trees. You look to the right, to the left … and realize you’ve stumbled on an entire clan at mealtime – in one of the world’s most treasured habitats.

Lowland gorillas are the stars of the Republic of Congo’s M’Boko and Ndzehi concessions. But they share this lush stage with colubus monkeys, chimpanzees, and forest elephants, among countless others. Boundless Journeys has partnered with Wilderness Safaris so you can go in search of them all – mostly on foot, always with expert guides. From remote luxury camps, you’ll cruise up the Lekoli River on a flat-bottomed pirogue. Trek jungle trails with your eyes trained for myriad bird species. And observe a startling array of wildlife from strategically placed hides.

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Republic of the Congo: Western Lowland Gorilla Safari

Join us on a journey through the life-filled African rainforest – along with the privilege and thrill of observing one of our closest relatives in the wild – the Western Lowland Gorilla.

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