April 2014

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Following is every Boundless Journeys currently scheduled group trip. If you prefer a private trip on the dates that work for you, please see our Private Collection trips.

RegionBegin DateEnd DateDaysRatingPrice
Palau, South Pacific
Snorkeling & Kayaking Odyssey
2014-04-012014-04-10102$5,295trip details
Costa Rica, Latin America
Nature's Richness Revealed
2014-04-052014-04-1281+$3,295trip details
Spain, Europe
Hiking the Footpaths of Andalucia
2014-04-132014-04-1973+$3,695trip details
Costa Rica, Latin America
Highlands to the Coast Family Adventure
2014-04-132014-04-1971+Call for Detailstrip details
Botswana, Africa and the Middle East
Classic Africa Safari
2014-04-142014-04-2181$6,995trip details
Bhutan, Asia
Hiking in the Peaceful Kingdom
2014-04-162014-04-27122+$5,195trip details
Bhutan, Asia
The Chomolhari Trek
2014-04-212014-05-03134+$5,095trip details
Spain, Europe
Vintage Rioja Hiking
2014-04-272014-05-0373+$4,595trip details

Adventure travel may involve exotic destinations, unusual levels of physical exertion, and activities that may be new to you. We want to make sure that you choose the adventure that's right for you from our many one-of-a-kind trips. Each trip is rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the easiest, and 5 being the most strenuous. A few of our trips have had a “+” added to the number, indicating something that falls in between. Our Trip Ratings may be found on the trip schedule and on our Web site. Our detailed itineraries provide additional information on what to expect on the trip you are considering (detailed itineraries are available by mail, fax, or e-mail; or you can find them on our Web site, encourage you to call one of our travel experts with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are always happy to assist you in any way that we can.


Our easiest trips are generally hotel-based cultural and nature journeys that typically offer light activity. Optional walks and hikes (approximately 2 to 4 hours) through gentle terrain with little elevation gain or loss. Altitude is typically not a factor on these tours. Other activities, such as snorkeling or sea kayaking, are optional. Examples: Indochina, Galapagos Islands Cruise, Tanzania.


Hotel nights and/or deluxe, safari-style camping. Walking, hiking (approximately 3 to 5 hours), kayaking, or other activities on most days. Trails and paths are through rolling countryside, with occasional steep trails with up to 1,000 feet of elevation gain. Many of our hotel-based walking trips are in this category. Examples: Tuscany & Umbria, Morocco, Costa Rica.


Full day hikes (approximately 4 to 6 hours) most days on unpaved trails and paths through hilly terrain with typical elevation gains and losses of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. There may be occasional short steep sections of trail. Examples: Canadian Rockies, New Zealand, Spain.


Full day hikes (approximately 5 to 7 hours) through mountainous terrain with significant elevation gains and losses (2,000 to 3,000 feet). Terrain may be rugged with uneven footpaths. The average altitude is generally no more than 12,000 feet. Options are limited. These trips typically involve some camping or simple accommodations.Examples: Tour du Mont Blanc, Peru Trek.


Full-day trekking (approximately 6 to 8 hours) through rugged mountainous terrain with steep climbs and descents and one or more of the following present: elevation gains and losses of as much as 4,000 feet, altitude that exceeds 12,000 feet, and rugged uneven footpaths. These trips typically offer few options and include camping. Example: India Trek.


Galapagos Cruise"I was amazed that every time I called Boundless Journeys they knew who I was and could accommodate what I wanted. Very well-informed and prepared to add value – Bravo!"
- Barbara Smith, Ecuador: The Galapagos Islands Cruise

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