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You’re in Great Hands with Boundless Journeys

Fully immersed in the culture and local to the region you’re exploring, our Boundless Journeys guides have a unique perspective that brings you beyond the usual to experience the most authentic locations, people, and food. Whether leading you on a hike into the Himalayas, or uncorking a new vintage in a hidden Riojan bodega, our guides know where to go and how to get you there. Our trusted friends also have the insider knowledge to make spontaneous changes to your itinerary in order to take advantage of local celebrations, changes in weather, or special events. It’s this fine-tuning that keeps Boundless Journeys’ adventures full of fresh and innovative exploration every day. Below are just some of the fantastic people you may meet on your next Boundless Journeys adventure:


Amos Tega


Amos is a native Rwandan—fluent in both English and French, and has been a professional guide since 2004. Over the past decade, he has honed his skills by both working with guests and by furthering his education. He is an avid birder and true enthusiast for East Africa’s wildlife and flora.

Amos is one of Rwanda’s most sought-after guides because of his knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the wonders and mysteries of his native country. He has taken many happy guests on sojourns through the majestic green hills of the Rwandan countryside and is proud to introduce them to his people, culture, the great apes, birds, and a variety of other African wildlife.

Brooks Kamanakao

Botswana Zambia

Brooks is a member of Botswana’s Bayei tribe, the people who introduced mokoros to the Okavanga Delta, and grew up in a small village on the banks of one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta. Being “born in the bush,” as he says, he had a fascination with Botswana’s wild areas from a young age.

Working in safari lodges, Brooks soon realized his heart was pulling him to the bush and started as a tracker before becoming a guide in 2000. With the combination of his friendly personality, superlative bush knowledge, and interests in astronomy, birding, and the diverse cultures of Botswana, Brooks helps guests truly see all Botswana has to offer.

Felix Mnyangabe


Felix was born and raised on the edge of Serengeti National Park, which instilled in him a deep affinity for nature and wildlife since childhood. He began his career as a mountain guide on Mt. Kilimanjaro and has led over 85 successful summits! Felix went on to study at the College of Africa Wildlife Management and then joined an anti-poaching unit near the Congo-Burundi border.

Felix is now a full-fledged walking safari guide—considered one of the most likeable guides in Northern Tanzania to boot! His vibrant spirit and welcoming personality ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience. When not guiding, Felix does community work in vulnerable communities through the NGO Ace Africa (

Festus Mbinga


Festus grew up in a Kalahari Desert village in eastern Namibia. Raised in the bush, he tended his family’s free-ranging cattle herds and absorbed much of his superb bush knowledge by growing up with Kalahari Bushmen.

After completing secondary school, Festus spent time as an OvaHimba translator on safari trips. His natural field guide talents soon became apparent, and he was promoted to a guiding position at Ongava Game Lodge near Etosha National Park where he guided for four years before becoming a specialist guide to lead trips in other parts of Namibia.

Over the years, he has built up an exemplary reputation and is one of the most sought-after safari guides in Namibia. His profound knowledge and passion for Namibia and its people will be a highlight of your experience.

Kelvin Kinabo


Hailing from the Chagga tribe at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kelvin is a well-rounded and experienced native Tanzanian guide. He studied wildlife management and biodiversity conservation at the College of African Wildlife Management and spent time as a research assistant for the African Wildlife Foundation on such projects as monitoring elephant migration and studying the habits of primates.

Kelvin has guided throughout northern Tanzania and his varied background, education, and in-depth regional knowledge make him an ideal safari companion and a favorite of Boundless Journeys’ guests.

Linus Kitumbu


Hailing from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Linus studied a variety of subjects at the University of Dar Es Salaam including water resources management, tourism, climatology and biogeography, environmental education and conservation, and geographical information systems.

Upon finishing his university studies, Linus embarked on and completed an intensive course at the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism that covered topics including the history, environment, and ecology of Stone Town and Zanzibar. With his in-depth knowledge of the island and easy-going manner, Linus is an excellent traveling companion for an excursion to Zanzibar.

Mark Butcher


Butch, as he is known to all, began his wildlife career in 1979 as a ranger for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management in what was then Rhodesia. With an advanced degree in zoology and botany, he went to work for Zimbabwe’s nascent Forestry Commission.

As a Provincial Wildlife Officer, Butch was responsible for all the wildlife that roamed within 1.8 million acres of indigenous forest. While undertaking this enormous task, he quickly discovered how essential the support of local communities was to the wellbeing of the ecosystem. Over time, Butch has developed programs that both engage the people and benefit the natural ecosystems long before the term “sustainable tourism” was coined.

Butch’s lifelong passion for Hwange—its elephants, wildlife, and communities—formed the cornerstone for the safari lodges he now manages. Today, when not acting as managing director of his safari camps, he spends as much time as he can spare in the bush introducing clients to his beloved Hwange.

Russell Gerber

South Africa

Russell was born and raised in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, but now calls Cape Town home. He holds a degree in zoology and African vertebrate biology and a post-graduate honors degree in marine biology.

With his impressive credentials, Russell has hosted guests from across the globe on both marine and land-based safaris. His guiding experiences have taken him to countries as diverse and far-flung as Botswana, Mozambique, Thailand, The Bahamas, and The United Arab Emirates, but it is South Africa that stirs his deep passion for conservation of both environmental and cultural diversity—both of which are in abundance in South Africa. Russell’s experience and enthusiasm make him an ideal companion for exploring all that South Africa has to offer.

Thuto Moutloatsi

Botswana Zambia

With his father involved in tourism and conservation, Thuto had the privilege of enjoying the superb wildlife areas of Botswana from a young age. His childhood love of the wild grew into a lifelong interest in learning its secrets. While he was at school in the foothills of the majestic Drakensberg Mountains in neighboring South Africa, Thuto continued to hone his natural bush skills and strengthen his passion for the wilderness through hiking, walking safaris, and horse riding.

After school and volunteer work in South Africa, Thuto returned to Botswana to begin his career at Khama Rhino Sanctuary. He was soon hired by our Southern Africa partner, Wilderness Safaris, to guide within the private Linyanti Concession near the Chobe National Park, where he remained for four years.

With an insatiable interest in the differing ecosystems of Botswana, natural sense for guiding, bush knowledge, and personable rapport with travelers, Thuto has become an integral member of our team and a favorite of guests.

Victor Horatius

Botswana Zambia

Born and raised in Maun, Botswana, Victor spent his weekends helping out on a farm in the Kalahari, the beauty of which fascinated him. He soon recognized his calling to work in nature and after college managed safari camps in the Okavanga Delta, guided at the private Jao Camp for five years, and was then promoted to Guide Coordinator.

Tracking, botany, and photography are his passions, and he has had photos published in Africa Geographic, among other prestigious publications. He is also a contributing member of the Botswana Birdlife Association, has been involved with Children in the Wilderness since 2002, and has traveled to the United States and through most southern African countries. Victor’s knowledge, patience, tracking skills, and personable nature make him a great safari guide and companion.

Wilfred Mrosso


Born near Tarangire National Park, Wilfred’s childhood was filled with the sights and sounds of Tanzania’s rugged bush. This early introduction to wildlife helped to define his dream to become a naturalist guide and introduce travelers to the part of Africa he calls home.

Wilfred has enjoyed sharing his passion for Africa’s wildlife with guests since 2006. In addition to Swahili, he speaks French and English. His personable and fun nature, along with his wealth of knowledge, have brought guests back to Tanzania time and again.


Dawa Tashi

Bhutan Nepal

Dawa has led a variety of Boundless Journeys tours from treks in the mountains to festival celebrations in the valleys. He has experience leading groups at high altitude and as a native of Bhutan, he knows the hidden gems and local characters.

Dawa’s local knowledge and amicable personality make him a real treasure to have on the trail, and he always ensures that our guests come away with an outstanding experience and a deep appreciation of his country and culture. Many guests have mentioned his fun sense of humor and described him as “exceptional in every way!”

Doi Van Hoi


Hoi’s love of sharing his homeland with others and his passion for travel led him to a career in guiding. He came to Hanoi initially to study sustainable tourism and has stayed for over 15 years building on his guiding experience and connecting with thousands of travelers.

Along with his deep knowledge of the various histories and cultures of all the regions of Vietnam, his light-hearted attitude and spontaneous spirit make him a joy to travel with. We love having him as a trusted partner in Vietnam!

Kinley Tshering

Bhutan Nepal

Kinley (or Kelly, as he is known among his Bhutanese coworkers) joined our local staff of guides after completing extensive training in 2006. Kinley is extremely knowledgeable about the local area and culture and is always determined to make each trip special by taking guests’ personal interests into consideration to make the trip a richer experience.

Kinley has led many tours for Boundless Journeys and is a favorite among our guests for his friendly, down to earth manner. Guests have enjoyed his joyous, enthusiastic nature and commented on his deep love and respect for his country and its people.

Leki Phuntsho

Bhutan Nepal

Leki is a well-educated local guide who has lived his whole life in Bhutan and who currently resides just outside of Thimphu. He completed his extensive training in 2006 and enjoys trekking adventures on his own when not leading guests on cultural and active tours of his homeland.

With his infectious love and passion for the country, Leki carries the adventurous spirit of a true Bhutanese guide. He loves sharing his country and culture with travelers and tries his hardest to make guests feel more like they are at home rather than visitors.

Lin Thada


Lin was born in a small village just outside of Siem Reap and became a monk at a young age as this was his only opportunity to receive an education. As a young adult, Lin moved to Siem Reap where he studied English for several years and then began his guiding career in 2002. He now lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two daughters.

Lin is well-versed in the Cambodian education system, the daily life of the local people, the politics, and the culture. When he is not guiding, he enjoys fishing, cooking, and reading. Lin’s love of history and wealth of knowledge about Angkor Wat and other temple complexes surrounding Siem Reap make Lin an excellent guide for a Cambodian extension.

Madhav Lama

Bhutan Nepal

Madhav’s family and forefathers are from the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. After completing his initial schooling, he began leading treks and has worked his way up to guiding in the spectacular Annapurna region.

Madhav has traveled extensively in his beloved country of Nepal and enjoys sharing his knowledge and culture with guests. He is quick to assess and respond to the needs and dynamics of groups and has a knack for spotting wildlife. Madhay’s friendly attitude, attention to organization, prioritization of safety, and wealth of local information make him not only a spectacular guide, but also a great traveling companion.

Manraj Gurung

Bhutan Nepal

Manraj is a native Nepalese, born and raised near Pokhara. After completing his initial schooling, he moved to the bustling capital of Kathmandu to complete his university degree.
Having traveled extensively around Nepal and wanting to share the sights and culture with other people, Manraj decided to start a career as a guide.

He has since worked his way up to Head Guide in the Annapurna and Langtang regions. Manraj’s desire to explore the rest of the world comes from the variety of people he has met and with whom he has shared Nepal. His caring, supportive, and encouraging nature is much appreciated by travelers, especially on the more strenuous hiking days!

Mr. Wangchuk


Mr. Wangchuk, as his fellow Bhutanese call him, was born in Thimpu and is deeply connected with his family—returning to his ancestral village every winter to attend a ritual ceremony. He has been guiding for almost ten years and has explored many of the rural valleys and villages of Bhutan. Wangchuk is an avid hiker, excellent archer, and has a passion for acting. He has, in fact, played parts in several Bhutanese films.

Mr. Wangchuk has a passion for facilitating guests’ exploration of Bhutan, and the combination of his local knowledge and good-natured personality make him a valued member of our Bhutan guiding team.

Myo Set

Myanmar Burma

Set was born and raised in Yangon and currently resides there with his wife and two children. He studied philosophy, English, small hotel management, Buddhism, and journalism at the Art and Science University. Following university, he trained to become a tour guide and has been guiding since 1999.

When not showing guests his country, Set teaches English at a “free education” school and also enjoys meditation, reading, and listening to classical music. With a gregarious personality, Set is enthusiastic about sharing the culture and unique places of his native country and providing travelers with a true insider’s experience to Myanmar—guests have described him as “a gem!”

Phonephet Vilayhong


Phet was born in the small village just north of Luang Prabang and moved to the city to attend teacher training college. Upon graduating, he began working as a trekking and biking guide, bringing guests on adventure tours throughout Laos.

Phet loves sharing his country and culture with adventurous travelers, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He is especially passionate about getting his guests out into the countryside where they can learn more about rural Laotian life. When not guiding, Phet enjoys leading an active lifestyle, which includes primarily hiking and cycling.

Seiha Lim


A resident of Siem Reap, Seiha Lim received his accreditation from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and has been working as a guide in his country since 2011. With his close proximity and special knowledge of the Angkor Wat temple complex, Seiha particularly loves visiting and exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site with his guests.

“I really love to share my experiences, culture, and my country’s history with visitors from around the world who come to see our amazing temples,” says Seiha. He is an energetic and wonderful addition to our team in Asia!

Son To Laki


Laki was born in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and pursued a career in guiding because he loves sharing and teaching about his homeland. Laki’s deep knowledge of the various histories of South, Central, and North Vietnam, a keen sense of humor, and a love of adventure, have made him one of the most sought-out and highly-respected guides in the region for nearly a decade. In addition to leading active tours, Laki enjoys cycling and a good book.

Guests love his friendly demeanor and ability to make each day of the tour unforgettable!


Alex Gullo


Alex has been a walking guide throughout Italy, from the Dolomites to Sicily, since 1998. He loves sharing the many facets of Italy—the natural beauty, the food, the wine, and the historical sites—with a particular look at the Italians of today. He truly enjoys spending time with the guests who share a week of their life with him.

Alex was educated in the U.S. and Italy and holds certifications to guide specific historic monuments, making him a well-rounded and knowledgeable guide. It is evident Alex loves Italy and loves guiding. He combines his charming personality and sense of humor with vast knowledge of his native country to make our Italian adventures more than memorable.

Angelica Turi


Angelica had an Italian childhood straight out of a movie—growing up in a palazzo in the center of Florence and spending summers by the Mediterranean Sea and at her family’s farmhouse amongst olive groves and vineyards. It’s not surprising she developed a deep love and respect for nature, archeology, and art, eventually earning a diploma in Fine Art Conservation & Restoration.

Her great passion is for the outdoors, and she is a licensed Environmental Guide. Her interest in historic hiking trails has led her to be a modern day pilgrim—hiking for extended periods of time on both the Via Francigena in Italy and the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Angelica is a perfect cultural ambassador offering a complete introduction to Italian culture with its history and traditions—easily talking about plants and botany, as well as “reading” a Renaissance work of art from front to back. She is also quite a foodie!

Boga Kristindottir


Boga has been involved with Icelandic tourism for over 20 years. She has a passion for her country, but also loves to experience new places. Boga is a true adventurer—ocean swimming for several years, traveling the country on a motorcycle, and hiking mountains. Her other interests include her family, running, kayaking, and all kinds of sea sports.

She has set a goal for the year of her 55th birthday to kayak 55 lakes in Iceland, as she hiked 45 mountains the year of the 45th birthday! Boga’s upbeat nature, energy, and knowledge of Iceland adventure portals make her a valued member of our guiding team.

Cory Jones


Cory is an experienced outdoorsman and wildlife guide and is a certified International Mountain Leader. He has worked for various conservation organizations and park services around the U.K. including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe.

Cory, who calls Scotland home, also runs his own first aid training company—so you will certainly be in safe hands! When he’s not at work, Cory is busy scouting for eagles, otter, dolphins, and other wildlife in the Western Highlands. With Cory as their guide, guests know they are getting a feel for the real Scotland.

Elizabeth Namack


Elizabeth first came to Italy as an American college student to study art history and Italian literature and quickly fell in love with all things Italian! Her interests in regional wine and cuisine, coupled with her academic background and her love of the outdoors, make her a delightful traveling companion.

When not leading guests along the picturesque backroads of Liguria, Tuscany, and Umbria, she leads engaging art tours in Florence as an official guide for that marvelous city. Elizabeth lives with her husband and son a block away from the Arno River in Florence. Guests have said they feel like Elizabeth is an instant friend and that she brings alive the area’s history!

Eric Thioliere

France Switzerland Alps Italy

Born and raised in Chamonix, Eric comes from a long line of mountain guides and has led long-distance hiking trips throughout Europe, especially in the Alps, since he began guiding in 1979. Eric speaks French, English, Italian, and German, is an avid skier, and has developed great relationships with local people along the route.

Eric is also involved heavily with the Valais canton, writing guidebooks and maintaining trail markings. He is very knowledgeable about all food, flora, and fauna in the region and is a great traveling companion with a lot of pride for where his roots have been for generations. Eric is warm and welcoming, and visitors can rest assured they have a fantastic leader who knows all the ins and outs of the routes.

Irena Silic

Slovenia Alps Croatia

Irena hails from the southern islands of Croatia and currently lives in Slovenia. A passionate and curious traveler, she has been exploring remote regions in Asia and southeast Europe for the last 15 years. Irena knows every small corner of the Balkan region, is an outdoor and adventure enthusiast, and for as long as she can remember has spent part of each year hiking, rock climbing, and participating in summer and winter sports in the Julian Alps.

With a degree in cultural studies, a passion for exploring, and her friendly nature, Irena makes the ideal traveling companion to either country. It’s clear that she truly enjoys guiding and sharing this area of the world with travelers.

Joze Ricnik

Slovenia Alps

Jože is an engineer, and after a successful career of leadership in a multinational company, his passion for traveling and sharing his homeland got to the better of him and led him to a new career of guiding. Every tour with him is well organized and runs smoothly, as one would expect of an engineer!

Jože has spent the past several years traveling and guiding extensively worldwide, spending his summers in the Julian Alps and winters in Southeast Asia. Jože is also a keen photographer, hiker, and avid mountain biker. He enjoys cooking classes and appreciating good food and wine. Jože is fluent in English, German, and Serbo-Croatian and is a wonderful hiking companion on the trail.

Keegan Alagna


With an American mother and an Italian father, Keegan grew up on a working farm in the Assisi countryside, in a home enriched with insights into two cultures. He developed a passion for the natural world and the outdoors at a young age, leading him to study geology. Keegan’s post-graduate research has taken him abroad where he has consulted on volcanic phenomena.

Keegan continues to pursue his interest in geology and the outdoors through participation in hiking programs with the Club Alpino Italiano and in creating geology programs for the Italian schools. He currently lives in Orvieto and enjoys leading walking tours with a focus on Italy’s history, natural wonders, and people.

Mahmut Turhanoglu


Mahmut left his first career as a TV commercial producer to work and travel with British author and explorer Tim Severin on a research project for Severin’s book ‘Crusader: By Horse to Jerusalem.’ That experience, along with Mahmut’s passion for Turkey’s culture, folklore, history, and current affairs, inspired him to become a full-time professional guide.

Mahmut resides in Antalya, on the beautiful Turquoise Coast, and has been leading journeys in Turkey for over 15 years. He loves sharing this corner of the world with visitors and enjoys bringing the history and beauty to life. Plus, his sense of humor and caring nature is much appreciated by guests.

Marie Cullen


Marie is a well-known Irish landscape artist with a passion and appreciation for the beautiful environment of her country. She lived for ten years on Great Blasket Island where she ran a restaurant, guesthouse, and hostel, and she currently runs an art center in western County Cork.

When she’s not creating or inspiring art, Marie loves guiding active tours and sharing her intimate knowledge and the beauty of western Ireland. Her thoughtful and friendly personality is an instant hit with travelers.

Miha Klanjscek


Miha is a seasoned guide with more than 15 years of experience traveling and guiding in the Balkan countries of former Yugoslavia. He is passionate about the cuisine and nature of this region—one of the most culturally, architecturally, and geographically diverse in the world.

In his early years as a student of economics, Miha spent his summers on the Mediterranean—Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt are all second homes to him. An adventurer by heart, Miha enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, and trekking, as well as teaching skiing in the Austrian Alps. You can hardly find a better person to show you the Dalmatian islands and amazing coastline.

Murat Tiryaki


Murat is a native Turk born in Ankara. A travel enthusiast all his life, he has worked as an active guide for almost 20 years. He is a founder and long time President of the Tourist Guide Association in Ankara and the author of many articles related to tourism and travel.

Murat puts his knowledge and experience to good use as a part-time university instructor passing what he knows to the new generation of aspiring guides. Art and music have been lifelong interests and he plays the guitar and the Turkish-Anatolian instrument “baglama” in his spare time.

Murat is kind and thoughtful and is always concerned about the quality of everyone’s experience. This personal attention is one reason we love having him as a part of our team.

Nicholas Law


Nick is a U.K. ex-pat residing in Barcelona and has been guiding and designing active cultural tours in Spain for nearly 20 years. His passion for Spanish culture and heritage have, at times, led him to writing, translating, editing, publishing, and teaching, including time at the University Complutense in Madrid.

Nick’s ample experience and a love of all things Spanish (especially food and wine), make him a fantastic traveling companion on our Camino de Santiago tours, where guests continuously comment on his extensive historical knowledge and friendly manner.

Pól O'Colmain


An accomplished guide with nearly two decades of experience, Pól has designed many tours, and his work has even been recognized by ‘National Geographic Traveler’ magazine in their annual ‘Tours of a Lifetime’ issue. He is creative to his core—an artist, published poet, and musician and songwriter with five albums to his name. He often breaks out his instruments on tour to our guests’ delight!

Pol is funny, genuine, and exudes the famed Irish hospitality. His diverse talents, combined with his extensive knowledge about his beloved Ireland make him an ideal person to show you the island. One guest even described him as a “mini version of Wikipedia!”

Rakel Jónsdóttir


Rakel’s background is as varied as the country she grew up in. She has studied philosophy, artistic design, and was also a classical vocalist in one of the country’s best-known choirs. She loves to travel and has lived in California and France.

For over a decade, Rakel has been introducing visitors to the many wonders of her homeland. As part of the tourism continuing education faculty at the University of Iceland, she spends time actively shaping the skills of the next generation of guides.

Rakel’s enjoyment of a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and riding, make her an ideal companion for exploring the wild nature of Iceland.

Roman Krizanic


Roman was born in Slovenia, holds graduate degrees in both anthropology and Chinese, and is a knowledgeable and seasoned traveler with more than a decade of experience in tourism. His adventures have taken him through remote jungles and across the high Himalayas.

Now back in his native country, Roman has devoted himself to exploring every green corner of the scenic land he calls home, as well as the neighboring Croatia. His friendly disposition and passion for the region’s wine and cuisine make Roman the ideal traveling (and dining) companion for your journey.

Sandrine Goulmy

France Switzerland Alps Italy

Sandrine came to Chamonix many years ago after being drawn to the dramatic mountains and outdoors lifestyle. She thoroughly enjoys leading trekking in the Alps, as well as organizing nature camps for kids. She has been working as a guide since 2001, and her naturalist’s eye on the trail opens our guests up to understanding the flora and fauna of mountains.

Sandrine’s passion for the region’s culture and easy-going nature make her a great companion on the trail. She is known for her amazing picnic lunches and her individual attention to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Serdar Akerdem


Born and raised in Turkey, Serdar earned an MA in classical archaeology from the University of Ankara and has lectured at a number of Turkish universities. He has excavated and surveyed widely along Turkey’s southern shore, and his passions include Roman architecture and maritime archaeology.

Serdar has been a valued guide for over 15 years because of his intimate understanding of the Turkish culture and ancient sites. When not sharing his country with travelers, he can be found out on his bike or hiking a trail. He is a favorite among guests for his in-depth historical knowledge and ability to make the ancient sites come alive!

Snorri Ingason


Snorri was born and raised in Iceland and has been traveling around his country since he was a young boy. He left his 25-year career in marketing and sales to pursue a career in guiding. Snorri is passionate about traveling, hiking, and the unspoiled nature of his homeland. He also has a great interest in the geology and history of Iceland, and he has a knack for storytelling. Last, but definitely not least, Snorri is a family man, with four children and one grandson.

Snorri’s knowledge and enthusiasm, along with his ability to connect with and read his group of travelers make him an exceptional guide. Guests often remark that they felt they were traveling with a friend!

Yunus Ozdemir


Yunus holds a degree in classical archaeology but has chosen tourism as his career, and in Turkey, those go very well together. He was a partner at a prominent tour company in Cappadocia where he guided trips and developed itineraries and walking routes. He specializes in exploring less-visited sites, especially by foot—perfect for a Boundless Journeys’ guide!

Yunus also assisted in developing and way-marking the Lycian Way, a 500-kilometer hiking trail in Turkey, and he is working on his own book, ‘The Carian Way,’ in which he focuses on walks in the Caria region of southwest Turkey.

Yunus’ intimate knowledge of walking and hiking in Turkey combined with his archaeology background, his calm demeanor, and his knack for timing visits to avoid crowds make him a fantastic guide for exploring the region.

Latin America

Alex Arias

Costa Rica

Alex is a passionate outdoorsman and has led nature tours for nearly 15 years in the many regions of Costa Rica’s rich landscape. He has led adventure tours involving mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, canyon exploration, and rappelling, and he has also competed with adventure teams in Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama.

To keep things exciting, as if his life wasn’t already, Alex leads groups of travelers and locals to the peak of Chirripo—the highest peak in Costa Rica. We are proud to have such an active, adventurous, and enthusiastic guide on our team.

Harry Cavero Farfan


Harry was born in a village in the center of the Incas’ Sacred Valley and began hiking the Inca Trail and exploring the Vilcabamba region as a young boy. The son of a traveling teacher, Harry had the opportunity to travel extensively through the mountains and villages surrounding Cusco and near Machu Picchu.

Harry started his career as an assistant guide at the age of 13 and went on to earn his degree. In addition to guiding, Harry has worked with NGOs in support of impoverished Andean families, and he has participated in anthropological projects studying the native communities of Central America to assess similarities with his native culture.

Harry’s true passion for the cultures of the Andes and his extensive experience make him an ideal companion for exploring the mountains and villages of Peru.

Jimmy Tosso

Costa Rica

Although Jimmy is now mostly settled in Costa Rica, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. His travels have helped him acquire a unique understanding of other cultures that he has been able to apply as a guide. Jimmy admits that Italy is his favorite destination (after his native Costa Rica) and is where he discovered his talent for Italian cooking.

Jimmy is fluent in English, Italian, and French and has been guiding since 2000. With an exceptional sense of humor, he excels at sharing his knowledge of Costa Rican culture and nature with others.

Julio Madriz

Costa Rica

Julio grew up on a farm in rural Costa Rica where he developed his interest in the natural world. At college, he studied microbiology before returning to farming and becoming a naturalist guide. His involvement in the production of several nature films has afforded Julio opportunities to travel throughout Europe and the Americas.

When not guiding, Julio enjoys reading, running, trekking, being outdoors, and spending time with his large family (5 kids!). He loves introducing people of all ages to his country and is smart, fun, and conscientious. Julio is a very enthusiastic guide and a pleasure to travel with.

Marco Fallas

Costa Rica

Marco, or “Tex” as he is known locally, is an Ecotourism Specialist, full of energy and with a contagious sense of humor. With over 20 years of experience in tourism, Marco knows his home country intimately and shares his knowledge with enthusiasm. He continues to further his education and has studied topics including ornithology, ecology, history, and nature photography.

Marco’s travels in the U.S. have helped him to better understand temperate climate ecology and international culture. With his ready laugh and caring manner, it is no wonder Marco is one of our most popular tour leaders!

Nancy Madrigal Castro

Costa Rica

A native “Tiko” (as Costa Ricans are called), Nancy was studying advertising when she was asked to train and guide in Tortuguero National Park. This experience led her to follow her childhood dream to work in nature, and she is proud to celebrate over 20 years of leading groups in her country and abroad.

Nancy has taken extensive courses in natural history, botany, ornithology, and archaeology, among many others. Along with her husband Glenn, she enjoys nature walks, bird watching, photography, music, traveling, and cooking.

Nancy is a gifted guide who always has a smile on her face and instills confidence in her group. Her knowledge and easy-going manner makes Nancy a favorite guide for family tours!

Ruben Choque


Ruben grew up in the quaint and historic city of Cusco and was exposed to the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. Upon completing his degree in archaeology and tourism and an MBA, he finally pursued guiding—his ultimate passion.

Ruben has an intimate knowledge of the opportunities for adventure in Peru and draws from his extensive experience not only as a guide, but also from working in tour operations and as a consultant in sustainable tourism development.

Ruben brings more than a decade of experience leading groups around his home country. He is dedicated to uncovering the unique cultures and landscapes of Peru through cultural, adventure, and ecological tours. Ruben’s expertise and good-humor are much appreciated by guests of have traveled with him.

Wilfredo Huillca Gamarra


Knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic, Wilfredo has been guiding trekking and cultural experiences for curious travelers for over 20 years and has developed a reputation as one of southern Peru’s most highly sought-after guides. He speaks Spanish, English, French, Japanese, and the native Peruvian language of Quechua.

An accomplished musician with three albums to his name, when not leading active cultural adventures, Wilfredo can be found playing, building, and teaching traditional Andean wind instruments, including the Quena and Zampoña. We are thrilled to have someone with such varied skills on our guiding team!

South Pacific

Jake Oiterong


Jake is a native Palauan and spent his youth climbing coconut trees, chasing land crabs, and learning the ancient fishing arts for which the Palauans are world-renowned. He eventually became the master fisherman of his clan, a prestigious position in Palauan culture.

After graduating high school, Jake helped monitor turtle nesting sites and marine protected areas with the Koror State Rangers, but soon found his way to guiding. He has since become a highly-respected and sought after guide, combining his perspectives as a native hunter and a scientist. Jake has even co-authored books on Palauan flora, fauna, and culture.

Jake’s expertise on the Palauan environment, his deep connection to his culture, and his cheerful demeanor provide travelers with a well-rounded introduction to these beautiful islands.

Nicky Snoyink

New Zealand

Nicky was born and raised in rural New Zealand. After earning her diploma in parks recreation and tourism management, she embarked on a career in national park management and eco-tourism, as well as guiding in New Zealand and Asia. Passionate about the fate of the world’s wild places, Nicky is currently studying resource management.

With over 20 years of traveling and guiding adventures under her belt, her guiding skills and adventurous nature bring out the best of New Zealand in every tour she leads. Her energy, organization, and enthusiasm are always noted and appreciated by our guests. When not guiding or studying, Nicky loves to back country ski, mountain bike, trek, travel, and surf.


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