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You’re in Great Hands with Boundless Journeys

Fully immersed in the culture and local to the region you’re exploring, our Boundless Journeys guides have a unique perspective that brings you beyond the usual to experience the most authentic locations, people, and food. Whether leading you on a hike into the Himalayas, or uncorking a new vintage in a hidden Riojan bodega, our guides know where to go and how to get you there. Our trusted friends also have the insider knowledge to make spontaneous changes to your itinerary in order to take advantage of local celebrations, changes in weather, or special events. It’s this fine-tuning that keeps Boundless Journeys’ adventures full of fresh and innovative exploration every day. We enjoy getting to know our guides and hope you do to—browse their bios below, read our guide interviews, and discover the fantastic people you may meet on your next Boundless Journeys adventure:


Amos Tega


Amos is a native Rwandan, fluent in both English and French, and has been a professional guide since 2004. Over the past decade, he has honed his skills by both working with guests and by furthering his education. He is an avid birder and true enthusiast for East Africa’s wildlife and flora.

Amos is one of Rwanda’s most sought-after guides because of his knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the wonders and mysteries of his native country. He has taken many happy guests on sojourns through the majestic green hills of the Rwandan countryside and is proud to introduce them to his people, culture, the great apes, birds, and a variety of other African wildlife.

Anderson Sekgwa


Andy, as he is known to all, was born at a remote cattle post in Shorobe, Botswana, about 20 miles from Maun. As a young boy, Andy would explore the bush with his grandfather, who taught him about the native fauna and flora as well as local history.

In the 1980s, under the tutelage of the skilled guide, Colin Bell, Andy learned every aspect of running a mobile safari expedition. Armed with years of practical experience, Andy qualified as a professional guide in 1996, and has been guiding expeditions in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia ever since.

Andy’s chief interest was initially mammals, but after more than two decades of leading safaris, his interests have expanded and developed. Andy now enjoys both the larger and smaller things that the bush has to offer–from elephants to kingfishers. His love of teaching travellers about the magnificent ecosystems, history, and culture of his native country make Andy a much sought-after guide.

Arthur Bahizi


A member of the Rwanda Safari Guides Association, Arthur has more than a decade of experience guiding safaris throughout both Rwanda and Uganda. With a diverse knowledge set ranging from wildlife to current affairs, and a social nature, Arthur is a favorite of Boundless Journeys’ guests.

While preservation of the native mountain gorilla population is a source of great pride for Rwandans, Arthur’s favorite natural area in Rwanda is the Nyungwe forest, where he enjoys searching for chimps, hiking to waterfalls, and just being in nature.

Brooks Kamanakao

Botswana Zambia

Brooks is a member of Botswana’s Bayei tribe, the people who introduced mokoros to the Okavango Delta, and grew up in a small village on the banks of one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta. Being “born in the bush,” as he says, he had a fascination with Botswana’s wild areas from a young age.

Working in safari lodges, Brooks soon realized his heart was pulling him to the bush and started as a tracker before becoming a guide in 2000. With the combination of his friendly personality, superlative bush knowledge, and interests in astronomy, birding, and the diverse cultures of Botswana, Brooks helps guests truly see all Botswana has to offer.

Felix Mnyangabe


Felix was born and raised on the edge of Serengeti National Park, which instilled in him a deep affinity for nature and wildlife since childhood. He began his career as a mountain guide on Mt. Kilimanjaro and has led over 85 successful summits! Felix went on to study at the College of Africa Wildlife Management and then joined an anti-poaching unit near the Congo-Burundi border.

Felix is now a full-fledged walking safari guide–considered one of the most likeable guides in Northern Tanzania to boot! His vibrant spirit and welcoming personality ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience. When not guiding, Felix does community work in vulnerable communities through the NGO Ace Africa (www.ace-africa.org).

Festus Mbinga


Festus grew up in a Kalahari Desert village in eastern Namibia. Raised in the bush, he tended his family’s free-ranging cattle herds and absorbed much of his superb bush knowledge by growing up with Kalahari Bushmen.

After completing secondary school, Festus spent time as an OvaHimba translator on safari trips. His natural field guide talents soon became apparent, and he was promoted to a guiding position at Ongava Game Lodge near Etosha National Park where he guided for four years before becoming a specialist guide to lead trips in other parts of Namibia.

Over the years, he has built up an exemplary reputation and is one of the most sought-after safari guides in Namibia. His profound knowledge and passion for Namibia and its people will be a highlight of your experience.

Linus Kitumbu


Hailing from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Linus studied a variety of subjects at the University of Dar Es Salaam including water resources management, tourism, climatology and biogeography, environmental education and conservation, and geographical information systems.

Upon finishing his university studies, Linus embarked on and completed an intensive course at the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism that covered topics including the history, environment, and ecology of Stone Town and Zanzibar. With his in-depth knowledge of the island and easy-going manner, Linus is an excellent traveling companion for an excursion to Zanzibar.

Lynn Businjye


As Rwanda’s first licensed female tour guide, Lynn is a trailblazer. While her guiding experiences have taken her all over Rwanda, her heart lives with Rwanda’s impressive primates.

Melissa Sutherland

South Africa

A self-described global citizen, passionate Capetonian, and wine aficionado, Melissa Sutherland hails from the Cape Winelands but lived for more than a decade in New York and Sydney, Australia where she had a career in publishing and served as a Vice-Consul for Political and Cultural Affairs during the early years of South Africa’s democracy.

Since 2008, she has focused on connecting people with the world of South African wine, art, and travel. During the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa she was selected to be a local storyteller as part of Cape Town Tourism’s “Beyond the 90 Minutes” campaign.

Today, Melissa lives in Cape Town with her husband and two teenagers, and when not writing or painting, enjoys nothing more than sharing the best of what South Africa has to offer with well-travelled and discerning visitors.

Nicholas Law

Spain Morocco

Nick is a U.K. ex-pat residing in Barcelona and has been guiding and designing active cultural tours in Spain for nearly 20 years. His passion for Spanish culture and heritage have, at times, led him to writing, translating, editing, publishing, and teaching, including time at the University Complutense in Madrid.

Nick’s ample experience and a love of all things Spanish (especially food and wine), make him a fantastic traveling companion on our Spain tours, where guests continuously comment on his extensive historical knowledge and friendly manner.

Ollie Porote


Olebogile (known to all as Ollie) was born and raised in Maun, Botswana. He comes from a long line of subsistence farmers, and his passion for and appreciation of nature and wildlife stems from his days as a small boy herding goats and cattle in the bush.

After completing school, Ollie did his national service in the Department of Customary Law, and then enrolled in a professional guiding course at The Botswana Wildlife Training Institute.

With over a decade of guiding experience all around the Okavango Delta, Ollie brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for his homeland that is contagious.

Russell Gerber

South Africa

Russell was born and raised in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, but now calls Cape Town home. He holds a degree in zoology and African vertebrate biology and a post-graduate honors degree in marine biology.

With his impressive credentials, Russell has hosted guests from across the globe on both marine and land-based safaris. His guiding experiences have taken him to countries as diverse and far-flung as Botswana, Mozambique, Thailand, The Bahamas, and The United Arab Emirates, but it is South Africa that stirs his deep passion for conservation of both environmental and cultural diversity—both of which are in abundance in South Africa. Russell’s experience and enthusiasm make him an ideal companion for exploring all that South Africa has to offer.

Thuto Moutloatsi

Botswana Zambia

With his father involved in tourism and conservation, Thuto had the privilege of enjoying the superb wildlife areas of Botswana from a young age. His childhood love of the wild grew into a lifelong interest in learning its secrets. While he was at school in the foothills of the majestic Drakensberg Mountains in neighboring South Africa, Thuto continued to hone his natural bush skills and strengthen his passion for the wilderness through hiking, walking safaris, and horse riding.

After school and volunteer work in South Africa, Thuto returned to Botswana to begin his career at Khama Rhino Sanctuary. He was soon hired by our Southern Africa partner, Wilderness Safaris, to guide within the private Linyanti Concession near the Chobe National Park, where he remained for four years.

With an insatiable interest in the differing ecosystems of Botswana, natural sense for guiding, bush knowledge, and personable rapport with travelers, Thuto has become an integral member of our team and a favorite of guests.

Victor Horatius

Botswana Zambia

Born and raised in Maun, Botswana, Victor spent his weekends helping out on a farm in the Kalahari, the beauty of which fascinated him. He soon recognized his calling to work in nature and after college managed safari camps in the Okavanga Delta, guided at the private Jao Camp for five years, and was then promoted to Guide Coordinator.

Tracking, botany, and photography are his passions, and he has had photos published in Africa Geographic, among other prestigious publications. He is also a contributing member of the Botswana Birdlife Association, has been involved with Children in the Wilderness since 2002, and has traveled to the United States and through most southern African countries. Victor’s knowledge, patience, tracking skills, and personable nature make him a great safari guide and companion.

Wilfred Mrosso


Born near Tarangire National Park, Wilfred’s childhood was filled with the sights and sounds of Tanzania’s rugged bush. This early introduction to wildlife helped to define his dream to become a naturalist guide and introduce travelers to the part of Africa he calls home.

Wilfred has enjoyed sharing his passion for Africa’s wildlife with guests since 2006. In addition to Swahili, he speaks French and English. His personable and fun nature, along with his wealth of knowledge, have brought guests back to Tanzania time and again.


Arun Rai

Bhutan Nepal

As a cultural and trekking guide for almost a decade, Arun is both an experienced and knowledgeable leader for your adventure in Bhutan. A resident of the town of Sinchula, in the country’s southwest, Arun has completed five national guide trainings through the Bhutanese government, as well as an internship in Gross National Happiness—his country’s official well-being policy. When he’s not on the trail in Bhutan, Arun is an avid adventure traveler himself and enjoys playing soccer.

Atsuko Iketsu


Atsuko was born in Osaka, an old merchant city, and grew up in Kamakura, an ancient capital of the samurais. From the time she was a child, she visited many temples and shrines, which fostered her love for Japanese culture at a young age. She attended Sophia University in Tokyo, where she studied French. Atsuko then spent time exploring the world, and lived in Los Angeles, Bangkok, London, and Paris. After returning to Japan, she discovered a passion for introducing Japanese culture to foreign visitors, and worked in the Edo-Tokyo Museum as a volunteer guide for seven years. Now she works as a tour guide, and leads active walking and cultural tours in both English and French. Throughout her tours, she always tries her best to show guests the real beauty of Japan and help them connect with the Japanese way of thinking and living. Atsuko looks forward to welcoming you to her country!

Dawa Tashi


Dawa has led a variety of Boundless Journeys tours from treks in the mountains to festival celebrations in the valleys. He has experience leading groups at high altitude and as a native of Bhutan, he knows the hidden gems and local characters.

Dawa’s local knowledge and amicable personality make him a real treasure to have on the trail, and he always ensures that our guests come away with an outstanding experience and a deep appreciation of his country and culture. Many guests have mentioned his fun sense of humor and described him as “exceptional in every way!”

Hiroko Yuki


Hiroko lives in her native home in the Chiba prefecture. She began her career in tourism when she worked on an island in the Maldives as a tour operator in the late 1980s. Hiroko returned to Japan and became a tour leader for Japanese group tours overseas, thereby gaining practical experience and communication skills working in different cultures. Hiroko briefly worked in education, but came back to tourism with an earnest desire to spend time with travelers from all over the world! Her goals as a guide are to facilitate memorable experiences full of interactive opportunities and for her guests. In her free time, Hiroko loves to cook, read, and visit rustic Onsen (hot spring) places in the countryside after trail walks. In recent years, she has enjoyed growing organic rice with her close friends.

Jeetendra Manandhar


Jeetendra Manandhar (Jeeten) grew up in Kathmandu and his fascination towards tourists and tourism in Nepal started from a young age because his father owned a small hotel in the 1980s. Jeeten is an active member of the Newari community in Nepal. With a background in Environmental Science, Jeeten is a nature lover and loves adventure. He has hiked and trekked to many places in Nepal and completed his guide training in 2011 and has taken a basic mountaineering and intensive Buddhism and Hinduism courses. As former student of Anthropology, he feels that the best part about his job is meeting new people, introducing him to new ideas and new experiences. Apart from English, Jeeten also speaks Newari, Nepali and Hindi.

Karma Choden

Bhutan Nepal

Karma has always enjoyed meeting new people and learning new things. Her passion for exploring, combined with a knack for easily learning English made the career choice of a tour guide the perfect fit for her! Karma delights in welcoming guests to her beautiful country and revealing its fascinating culture, distinct religious beliefs, and unexpected surprises in the hopes of sharing some of its secrets to happiness.

Kinley Tshering

Bhutan Nepal

Kinley (or Kelley, as he is known among his Bhutanese coworkers) joined our local staff of guides after completing extensive training in 2006. Kinley is extremely knowledgeable about the local area and culture and is always determined to make each trip special by taking guests’ personal interests into consideration to make the trip a richer experience.

Kinley has led many tours for Boundless Journeys and is a favorite among our guests for his friendly, down to earth manner. Guests have enjoyed his joyous, enthusiastic nature and commented on his deep love and respect for his country and its people.

Laki Son To


Laki was born in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and pursued a career in guiding because he loves sharing and teaching about his homeland. Laki’s deep knowledge of the various histories of South, Central, and North Vietnam, a keen sense of humor, and a love of adventure, have made him one of the most sought-out and highly-respected guides in the region for nearly a decade. In addition to leading active tours, Laki enjoys cycling and a good book.

Guests love his friendly demeanor and ability to make each day of the tour unforgettable!

Lin Thada


Lin was born in a small village just outside of Siem Reap and became a monk at a young age as this was his only opportunity to receive an education. As a young adult, Lin moved to Siem Reap where he studied English for several years and then began his guiding career in 2002. He now lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two daughters.

Lin is well-versed in the Cambodian education system, the daily life of the local people, the politics, and the culture. When he is not guiding, he enjoys fishing, cooking, and reading. Lin’s love of history and wealth of knowledge about Angkor Wat and other temple complexes surrounding Siem Reap make Lin an excellent guide for a Cambodian extension.

Madhav Lama

Nepal Bhutan

Madhav’s family and forefathers are from the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. After completing his initial schooling, he began leading treks and has worked his way up to guiding in the spectacular Annapurna region.

Madhav has traveled extensively in his beloved country of Nepal and enjoys sharing his knowledge and culture with guests. He is quick to assess and respond to the needs and dynamics of groups and has a knack for spotting wildlife. Madhav’s friendly attitude, attention to organization, prioritization of safety, and wealth of local information make him not only a spectacular guide, but also a great traveling companion.

Tanka Gurung


Tanka was born in Sankhuwasabha District of Nepal’s Koshi Zone. He belongs to the ethnic Gurung community and is a practicing Buddhist. Tanka first started working as a guide in 2008. In addition to holding a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, he is current with his Wilderness and First Aid certificates, and also has completed a guide training with Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) in 2010. Since then, he began his career as a trekking guide and has trekked extensively throughout the Annapurnas, Everest Region, Mustang, Mera Peak, and Langtang Valley to name a few. He has also completed Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses and in addition to being a highly competent guide, Tanka is a very friendly and easy going person. Most of his clients claim to have found a friend in him and likewise Tanka takes pride of the fact that he has friends from all over the world.

Toan Van Hoang


Born in the Vietnamese countryside, Toan initially intended to follow in the family business of rice farming. But his dream of traveling and being a tour guide led him to leave the family farm for Ho Chi Minh City. There he studied English and Tourism. Since obtaining his degree and his certification as a tour guide several years ago, he has been sharing the food, culture, and sights of his country with adventurous travelers who appreciate his enthusiasm and sense of humor. He looks forward to introducing you to his Vietnam!


Artur Pegas


Artur was born in Vendas Novas and has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Évora. He also earned his M.A. in Statistics and Information Management from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Artur enjoys swimming, running, trekking, adventure trips and travel photography. He has walked through half the world, and would like to share some highlights: Patagonia fascinated him with its beauty; New Zealand, where he walked from north to south, showed him a sketch of heaven; in Nepal, he embraced spirituality and peace and was delighted with its grace; Mongolia crashed him with its wilderness and forever altered his sense of space; in Ecuador and Yemen he fell in love with the people and the landscapes, and in Peru with the archaeological richness. He says the best trip of his life will always be the next one. He also can’t resist a cheese pie!

Atle Trodal


A versatile guide with many years of experience, Atle’s passion for the outdoors always creates unforgettable experiences for our guests. Atle was selected guide of the year in 2019. Nature is his source of energy, and from his home in Geilo, Norway, he finds this by just opening the door. Atle has traveled a lot both in Norway, and in the rest of the world, and whether he is on a trip alone or as a guide, he feels at home where he is at all times. He has crossed the Greenland icecap with ski and pulk, followed Amundsen’s footsteps with a skiing expedition through the Northwest Passage, and guided trips to Kilimanjaro, Bolivia, Bhutan, Portugal, Albania, and Everest Basecamp, among many other destinations. Atle greatly appreciates good humor, and that everyone on tour feels seen and included.

Carina Ramos


Carina came from Ericeira, a charming Portuguese fishing town that is situated about 20 miles northwest of Lisbon. She has a degree in Leisure and Tourism Management and has worked in Switzerland facilitating horse-assisted therapy and event planning. During her free time, she enjoys going to the movies, traveling, and getting together with friends and family. Carina speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and is looking forward to welcoming you to the Azores!

Carla Henriques


Carla followed the normal path of the “travel junkies.” Her first travels were around Portugal, as a child with her parents. Later, with friends she grew to love the outdoors and traveled around Europe. Carla attended the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and earned a degree in Environmental Engineering. During this time she became an avid kayaker and hiker. As the years passed, she found that her job as an engineer wasn’t fulfilling her desire to travel, explore the world, and share her passion for the outdoors. In 2013 she quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu. She spent two years exploring Asia before returning to her home country of Portugal as a guide.

Cory Jones


Cory is an experienced outdoorsman and wildlife guide and is a certified International Mountain Leader. He has worked for various conservation organizations and park services around the U.K. including the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe.

Cory, who calls Scotland home, also runs his own first aid training company–so you will certainly be in safe hands! When he’s not at work, Cory is busy scouting for eagles, otter, dolphins, and other wildlife in the Western Highlands. With Cory as their guide, guests know they are getting a feel for the real Scotland.

Einar Raa Nilsen


Einar has been working in the outdoors for more 30 years. When not guiding groups in the summer months, Einar manages the local ski school in Voss. He is often found on the largest glaciers, in the deepest valleys, or the highest mountain peaks of Norway, and always returns with a big smile on his face and plenty of stories to share. His guests appreciate his great sense of humor and depth of knowledge. In his free time, Einar enjoys kite surfing, kayaking Norway’s whitewater rivers, and backcountry skiing. He is fluent in Norwegian and English.

Eric Thioliere

Italy Switzerland Alps France

Born and raised in Chamonix, Eric comes from a long line of mountain guides and has led long-distance hiking trips throughout Europe, especially in the Alps, since he began guiding in 1979. Eric speaks French, English, Italian, and German, is an avid skier, and has developed great relationships with local people along the route.

Eric is also involved heavily with the Valais canton, writing guidebooks and maintaining trail markings. He is very knowledgeable about all food, flora, and fauna in the region and is a great traveling companion with a lot of pride for where his roots have been for generations. Eric is warm and welcoming, and visitors can rest assured they have a fantastic leader who knows all the ins and outs of the routes.

Gill McMillan


Gill’s first career was in healthcare, but as a lifelong hiker, she decided to switch to working in the outdoors. She’s hiked all over the world including Canada, Nepal, Spain, and Morocco, but the north of England and Scotland are very dear to her heart. Gill loves the beautiful scenery, the fascinatin history, and of course, the excellent beer. She feels very privileged to be able to work as a guide in a landscape that casts a spell with its unique combination of countryside, quaint villages, and awe-inspiring views.

Giuseppe La Stella


Giuseppe was born in northern Puglia in the town of Corato, famous for a superb variety of olive oil. He currently lives in Bari, where he has been guiding for the past five years. Giuseppe enjoys wandering through the world and exploring authentic spaces. Those who have been on his trips can testify to his warm, enthusiastic, and creative approach to guiding.

Irena Silic

Croatia Slovenia Alps

Irena hails from the southern islands of Croatia and currently lives in Slovenia. A passionate and curious traveler, she has been exploring remote regions in Asia and southeast Europe for the last 15 years. Irena knows every small corner of the Balkan region, is an outdoor and adventure enthusiast, and for as long as she can remember has spent part of each year hiking, rock climbing, and participating in summer and winter sports in the Julian Alps.

With a degree in cultural studies, a passion for exploring, and her friendly nature, Irena makes the ideal traveling companion to either country. It’s clear that she truly enjoys guiding and sharing this area of the world with travelers.

Joze Ricnik

Slovenia Alps Croatia

Joze is an engineer, and after a successful career of leadership in a multinational company, his passion for traveling and sharing his homeland got to the better of him and led him to a new career of guiding. Every tour with him is well organized and runs smoothly, as one would expect of an engineer!

Joze has spent the past several years traveling and guiding extensively worldwide, spending his summers in the Julian Alps and winters in Southeast Asia. He is also a keen photographer, hiker, and avid mountain biker. He enjoys cooking classes and appreciating good food and wine. Joze is fluent in English, German, and Serbo-Croatian and is a wonderful hiking companion on the trail.

Klara Hallgrimsdottir


Klara was born on the Western Islands off the south coast of Iceland, where she spent much of her childhood. She has traveled to many countries in the world, worked as a ski instructor in the Austrian alps, studied in Germany, and cycled in the Andes in South America. Klara also completed a teaching degree at the University of Iceland and taught high school mathematics for over a decade. For the past 20 years, she has been sharing her love of the outdoors and her country as a certified Icelandic hiking guide. First during school vacations, and now full time. Her favorite tours are in the countryside, where she can spend time in nature enjoying life’s simple pleasures, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Klara speaks fluent Icelandic, English, German, and Pinzgauerisch (an Austrian dialect).

Kristiina Javas


Kristiina (Krisse) is active nature guide from Lapland. A former series soccer player and now an active mother of a 2 1/2 year-old daughter, her hobbies are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. With a degree in Hospitality Management, and one year of army education, she is well versed on guiding in a winter climate and handles every situation with grace and ease. She is known for her positive outlook and smile, and brings cheer to every group!

Miha Klanjscek


Miha is a seasoned guide with more than 15 years of experience traveling and guiding in the Balkan countries of former Yugoslavia. He is passionate about the cuisine and nature of this region—one of the most culturally, architecturally, and geographically diverse in the world.

In his early years as a student of economics, Miha spent his summers on the Mediterranean–Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt are all second homes to him. An adventurer by heart, Miha enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, and trekking, as well as teaching skiing in the Austrian Alps. You can hardly find a better person to show you the Dalmatian islands and amazing coastline.

Mitja Kamplet

Italy Slovenia Austria Alps

Mitja’s interests cover all types of terrain, from mountains and seas to rivers and ski slopes! He loves the wilderness, secret trails, and secluded bays and is happiest when surrounded by amazing landscape and good people.

Mitja has been guiding for several years in addition to working as a civil engineer. He guides in his home country of Slovenia, in neighboring countries on the Balkan peninsula, and in the Austrian and Italian Alps. When off season in Europe, he guides trekking tours in Patagonia and explores the wildernesses of Greenland and Himalayas. While usually in hiking boots or on skies, Mitja is also an avid reader and photographer, and enjoys showing guests viewpoints for great photos while on tour.

Nicholas Law

Spain Morocco

Nick is a U.K. ex-pat residing in Barcelona and has been guiding and designing active cultural tours in Spain for nearly 20 years. His passion for Spanish culture and heritage have, at times, led him to writing, translating, editing, publishing, and teaching, including time at the University Complutense in Madrid.

Nick’s ample experience and a love of all things Spanish (especially food and wine), make him a fantastic traveling companion on our Spain tours, where guests continuously comment on his extensive historical knowledge and friendly manner.

Roman Krizanic


Roman was born in Slovenia, holds graduate degrees in both anthropology and Chinese, and is a knowledgeable and seasoned traveler with more than a decade of experience in tourism. His adventures have taken him through remote jungles and across the high Himalayas.

Now back in his native country, Roman has devoted himself to exploring every green corner of the scenic land he calls home, as well as the neighboring Croatia. His friendly disposition and passion for the region’s wine and cuisine make Roman the ideal traveling (and dining) companion for your journey.

Sandrine Goulmy

Italy Switzerland Alps France

Sandrine came to Chamonix many years ago after being drawn to the dramatic mountains and outdoors lifestyle. She thoroughly enjoys leading trekking in the Alps, as well as organizing nature camps for kids. She has been working as a guide since 2001, and her naturalist’s eye on the trail opens our guests up to understanding the flora and fauna of mountains.

Sandrine’s passion for the region’s culture and easy-going nature make her a great companion on the trail. She is known for her amazing picnic lunches and her individual attention to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Snorri Wium


Snorri was born and raised in Reykjavik, where he studied classical singing. He graduated with a diploma as an opera singer from the Vienna Conservatory. Upon completion of his studies, he worked for several years as an opera singer, primarily in Germany and Austria. Snorri returned to Iceland and began working as a guide in 2010. He is certified to guide group tours, hiking adventures, and glacier explorations. He enjoys every opportunity to take guests into the mountains and to remote, off-the-beaten-path areas of Iceland where they can experience the beautiful landscapes together.


Bernardo Cruz Monfort


Equipped with a degree in Biology from Mexico’s most prestigious university, UNAM, Bernardo first came to Baja California in 1999 to conduct a survey of geese in Magdalena Bay for a Mexican NGO. He immediately fell in love with the area and continued his career as a biologist with Pronatura Noroestre and CONABIO, the National Commission for Biodiversity in Mexico.

While he enjoyed his work (analyzing data from bird monitoring to assess ecosystem health to inform conservation programs in southern Mexico), Bernardo realized that he wanted to further immerse himself in nature for more of the time. He switched to guiding and quickly became one of the most respected guides in the state and is a joy to have on the trail. When not guiding, Bernardo spends most of his free time mountain biking or running.

Daniel Canteros

Argentina Patagonia

Daniel was born and raised in Buenos Aires and started traveling in his early 20s. About that time, he also began working as a guide in Argentina and Chile as he was interested in learning, exploring, and getting to know people from around the world. Daniel says that being a guide is the perfect job for him. His goal is for his guests to enjoy every single moment that they are with him in his beloved country. From contemplating the sunset to singing Argentinean songs and having local people join in, his enthusiasm in appreciated by all who meet and travel with him.

Eric Kessler

USA Washington

Eric has been a wilderness and adventure travel guide for almost 40 years. His career has taken him to every continent except Antarctica in a variety of positions from mountaineering guide, to academic researcher, to assignment photographer. Eric currently guides in western U.S. National Parks, British Columbia, and Cuba, where he first led an academic bicycle tour in 2003. Besides guiding, Eric’s freelance photography work specializes in adventure travel and cultural and environmental conservation. When he is not guiding, Eric spends time with his two children, bicycling, reading, and living on Washington’s San Juan Island and the Olympic Peninsula.

Harry Cavero Farfan


Harry was born in a village in the center of the Incas’ Sacred Valley and began hiking the Inca Trail and exploring the Vilcabamba region as a young boy. The son of a traveling teacher, Harry had the opportunity to travel extensively through the mountains and villages surrounding Cusco and near Machu Picchu.

Harry started his career as an assistant guide at the age of 13 and went on to earn his degree. In addition to guiding, Harry has worked with NGOs in support of impoverished Andean families, and he has participated in anthropological projects studying the native communities of Central America to assess similarities with his native culture.

Harry’s true passion for the cultures of the Andes and his extensive experience make him an ideal companion for exploring the mountains and villages of Peru.

Heather Harding

USA Washington

Heather Harding has been living and guiding professionally for decades on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, and the American Southwest. She began her Northwest guiding career in 1997 on the waters of the San Juan Islands where she worked on boats as a whale researcher and naturalist studying the killer whales and other marine mammals. She expanded her research and boat tour range to include waters off the coasts of North and Central America. For the last 15 years, Heather has been focusing her guiding on land-based tours in the rainforest and rain shadow of the Northwest, the canyons and plateaus of Utah and Arizona, and the steamy tropics of Cuba.

Jimmy Tosso

Costa Rica

Although Jimmy is now mostly settled in Costa Rica, he has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Latin America. His travels have helped him acquire a unique understanding of other cultures that he has been able to apply as a guide. Jimmy admits that Italy is his favorite destination (after his native Costa Rica) and is where he discovered his talent for Italian cooking.

Jimmy is fluent in English, Italian, and French and has been guiding since 2000. With an exceptional sense of humor, he excels at sharing his knowledge of Costa Rican culture and nature with others.

Marco Fallas

Costa Rica

Marco, or “Tex” as he is known locally, is an Ecotourism Specialist, full of energy and with a contagious sense of humor. With over 20 years of experience in tourism, Marco knows his home country intimately and shares his knowledge with enthusiasm. He continues to further his education and has studied topics including ornithology, ecology, history, and nature photography. With his ready laugh and caring manner, it is no wonder Marco is one of our most popular tour leaders!

Nancy Madrigal Castro

Costa Rica

A native “Tiko” (as Costa Ricans are called), Nancy was studying advertising when she was asked to train and guide in Tortuguero National Park. This experience led her to follow her childhood dream to work in nature, and she is proud to celebrate over 20 years of leading groups in her country and abroad.

Nancy has taken extensive courses in natural history, botany, ornithology, and archaeology, among many others. Along with her husband Glenn, she enjoys nature walks, bird watching, photography, music, traveling, and cooking.

Nancy is a gifted guide who always has a smile on her face and instills confidence in her group. Her knowledge and easy-going manner makes Nancy a favorite guide for family tours!

Sonia Damerau

Argentina Patagonia

Sonia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, yet her life and interests have taken her to the four corners of the world. She studied in Argentina and Germany, worked in Brazil as a scuba diving instructor, and since 2000, she has guided mainly in Patagonia but also throughout South America, Africa, Europe, and Greenland. When she is not leading tours at home or abroad, she enjoys photography, mountaineering, horseback riding, diving, kayaking, and competing in triathlons. Sonia speaks English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and loves to share her Argentine homeland and culture with travelers.

Wilfredo Huillca Gamarra


Knowledgeable, friendly, and energetic, Wilfredo has been guiding trekking and cultural experiences for curious travelers for over 20 years and has developed a reputation as one of southern Peru’s most highly sought-after guides. He speaks Spanish, English, French, Japanese, and the native Peruvian language of Quechua.

An accomplished musician with three albums to his name, when not leading active cultural adventures, Wilfredo can be found playing, building, and teaching traditional Andean wind instruments, including the Quena and Zampoña. We are thrilled to have someone with such varied skills on our guiding team!

South Pacific

Macstyl Sasao


Macstyl grew up in the Republic of Palau with his early childhood spent climbing palm trees, catching land crabs, and paddling his outrigger canoe. At age 7 Macstyl went to live with extended family in the United States, but returned to Palau after graduating from high school. Once back in Palau, Macstyl began snorkeling and scuba diving, becoming an expert in identifying the native flora and fauna and gaining invaluable knowledge of the native marine life.

When not guiding tours and sharing his love of Palau with our guests, Macstyl can be found honing his skills as a talented underwater photographer and traveling throughout Oceania as a competitive outrigger canoe paddler.

Nicky Snoyink

New Zealand

Nicky grew up roaming the mountains and river valleys of rural Canterbury in New Zealand’s South Island. After earning her diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management and a stint working for New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, Nicky began guiding nature-based walking adventures. After two decades of adventure travel and working in the nature tourism industry, Nicky returned to study for a Masters in Environmental Policy. When not guiding, Nicky works for New Zealand’s leading environmental non-government organization as an advocate for the preservation of nature and water. In her spare time Nicky likes to walk, ride her mountain bike, and backcountry ski.


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