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If you crave the natural beauty, food, wine, and history of the Mediterranean—but want to avoid the crowded coasts of Italy, Spain, and France—then Croatia is the country for you. And if you want to get to know the country’s rugged coastline and breathtaking islands, then Boundless Journeys is the adventure travel company to show you the spectacular sights of colorful Croatia.

Hike amidst Aleppo pine, cypress, citrus trees, and lavender. Kayak the tranquil sea past pebbled beaches, hidden coves, and rocky inlets as rugged mountains rise in the distance. Take in the splendor of Roman, Venetian, Byzantine, and Baroque architecture at UNESCO World Heritage sites, and savor Croatia’s finest culinary delights.

Along the way you’ll meet farmers, fisherman, artisans, and winemakers who live as their ancestors have for hundreds of years. You’ll soon discover that the people here are energetic and resilient, passionate and proud, and above all welcoming. Together, we’ll raise a glass to the good life and our Boundless Journeys adventures in Croatia.

While Croatia may be considered one of Europe’s hottest destinations, it’s really the Dalmatian Coast where adventure travelers are heading for the greatest of escapes. Each island and city in this “new Mediterranean Riviera” tells a different tale, offers its own food and wine, and harbors unique customs, which you’ll soon discover on this Boundless Journeys Dalmatian Coast Hiking tours.

Explore olive groves, pine forests, and along jagged cliffs, and kayak over crystal clear seas. Learn about Croatia’s rich history, punctuated by medieval battles, and the heroic tales of Jason and the Argonauts. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik, and spend time in hip Hvar, renowned for its 13th-century walls, marble streets, and nightlife.

Enjoy some of Croatia’s finest culinary delights—from olive oil in Split, oysters in Ston, and brandy produced on the Neretva plain—plus home-cooked Dalmatian meals and feasts. And at day’s end, relax in deluxe seaside accommodations and wonder why you didn’t take a Boundless Journeys tour of Croatia sooner.


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