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  • The Curious Traveler

Coffee Adventures in Italy

I was three when I first went to Italy. Little did I know that later in life I would fall head-over-heels for the country—its language, culture, people, landscapes, history, food…everything. (So much so that I recently applied for citizenship—I’m eligible through my grandfather.) One thing I’ve learned from my many trips to the country is… Read More »

World's Best Waterfalls

From a thin trickle of water down a rock wall to thundering, foaming torrents, waterfalls are as diverse as the landscapes in which they are found. They ebb and flow with rainfall and snowmelt, dive into crystal clear pools, and carve out rocks over millennia. Each one has its own personality. Which one(s) will you get to… Read More »

What to do in Venice

Joining our Dolomites Hiking tour? We end in Venice, but don’t spend much time there as a group. Venice is a maze of canalside promenades, narrow alleys, and ornate bridges. In the summer, when crowds are at their peak, it’s fun to escape by ducking down empty alleys. It’s an island, so you can’t get… Read More »

Bhutan custom tours to traditional Bhutanese festivals

7 Cultural Treasures of the World

No exploration of a new destination is complete without interacting with and learning about the culture. Culture affects the landscape and vice versa. For us, a well-rounded, fulfilling journey means balancing time in nature with unique cultural encounters. Here are 7 of our favorite cultural treasures of the world:  It’s impossible to describe the full… Read More »

What to do in Burlington, Vermont

Downtown Burlington is a short distance from the airport, and the historic center can easily be managed on foot. Home to the University of Vermont and Champlain College, Burlington has a lively college-town vibe with plenty of fun shops and delicious restaurants. It’s easy to spend two days in town before, after, or bookending our… Read More »


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