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New Zealand Is for Wine Lovers: Wine Regions and Varieties of the South Island

There are plenty of reasons to visit New Zealand—the soaring mountains, sandy beaches, beautiful fjords, and unique wildlife all immediately spring to mind. But these days there’s another big reason to add to that list. Over the past two decades, New Zealand has rocketed up the list of great countries for wine lovers to visit.… Read More »

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The Blue Zone: Longevity Lessons from Sardinia

Almost ten times as many Sardinians make it to 100 when compared to American citizens. That statistic alone proves the people on this small Italian island are doing something very right, but it’s not even the whole story. The ratio includes an equal number of men and women, making the secret of the Sardinian lifespan… Read More »

A lavish table set with food and wine for a Portuguese meal

8 Foods to Try While in Portugal

Countries and regions that have historically been heavily involved in trade have had their cuisine evolve over time and adopt flavors and recipes from the cultures with which they’ve come into contact. This is especially true for Portugal, since it was a major player during the Age of Exploration, colonizing in South America, India, Africa,… Read More »

6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Visit the Azores

Almost a decade ago, I first learned of the Azores in an article titled something like, “remote islands that no one knows about.” I certainly hadn’t known they existed, which, perhaps is why I was drawn to them once I could point them out on a map. The thought of a collection of volcanic islands… Read More »

Fado: Portugal’s Own Musical Genre

While many countries and regions have traditional music, Fado music is one of just a few that has been put on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. I bet you didn’t even know that existed until just now—that is, unless you’ve gone on our Portugal tours! As stated by the experts in Primesound.org, Fado is… Read More »


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