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8 Reasons Greenland Should be your Next Destination

The only reason adventurous travelers need is that Greenland is off the radar for most people. But in case you need a bit more substance, try these other eight on for size:

1. Some say Greenland has the purest air. Because it is the world’s least densely-populated country with few roads outside the small towns, there isn’t much industrial or car pollution to muck up the air. Breath deep! 

2. Not many people go there. While people aren’t flocking to Greenland (just the way we like it!), it is becoming increasingly accessible with more flights from Denmark and Iceland. The country is also actively encouraging tourism, so we recommend going now before Greenland becomes trendy.

Greenland glacier3. Glaciers are melting faster than ever due to climate change and heat rising from the earth’s core. See them now while you can before they’ve receded far inland or disappeared completely.

4. Flying over Greenland is half the fun! It’s spellbinding to view the vast land, uninterrupted by civilization for as far as the eye can see. Massive icebergs look like breadcrumbs, and seeing the landscape from above gives a new appreciation for how glaciers move and shape the landscape.

kayaking in greenland5. Like to kayak? Kayaks were invented in Greenland. Well, they were invented by the Inuit who live in the Arctic areas of northern Canada and Greenland. Paddle in calm lagoons right alongside hulking, blue icebergs.

6. When was the last time you felt like an explorer? When was the last time you felt like you’d journeyed off the map? When was the last time you were truly awe-struck by nature? You will feel all of those things in Greenland.


Greenland7. Perhaps you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life with all our screens, instantaneous technology, politics, office cubicles, pavement…I could go on. Greenland is the perfect place to reconnect with the natural world. There are fewer than 100 miles of roads, of which only about half are paved. No skyscrapers, no high-density housing. Just windswept fields and valleys and colorful towns and villages.


8. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see the Northern Lights at least once while you’re there, since Greenland has so many clear nights a year.

What more convincing do you need?


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