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Matt Holmes - Boundless Journeys BhutanBoundless Journeys President, Matt Holmes was recently interviewed for a travel radio program. Listen to Matt talk about why Boundless Journeys is a leader in the travel industry, and what makes their tours so unique.

For the radio interview please click here.

After talking to Matt Holmes, I was reminded of the words of the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” And somewhere beyond the endless reality checks we all make in our day to day lives, there is also a longing for a world of idealism in which the experience of “the other” figures prominently. Actually making contact with that other world or reality is often easier than you may think; especially when companies like Boundless Journeys prepare the way.

Adventure travel in all its forms (hard, soft, intrepid … and conceptual) is a growing and very specialized market in the world of travel and tourism. In an age when we seem to know so much — at least in terms of our almost unlimited access to information — we still have a need and desire to transcend what may in fact be only our perceived limitations; and thus interact with other realities. And as Boundless Journeys states very clearly on its website “When it comes to a memorable vacation, we know it’s not just where you travel, but how you travel that makes all the difference.”
So whether your next travel adventure is local, national, or international, Matt and his colleagues may just serve as role models for the engaged, reciprocal, and participant mode of travel.

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For more information about the Boundless Journeys trips that Matt discusses in the interview please visit the following pages: Peru: The Scared Valley and Machu Picchu; Bhutan: A Journey Into the Peaceful Kingdom.


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