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Reason # Nine Million and One to get Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceThey now come as standard with our Trip Planning Materials as Itineraries, Boundless Journeys swag, and reading lists – that’s right, Insurance Quotes. A few hearty travelers out there still scoff at the idea (medical assistance, moi?), but we can’t tell you the number of times we have had guests tell us they wished they had purchased a policy. Need an example?

I was just finalizing some details for one of our fall European adventures when I remembered a near disastrous misfortune of a few of our travelers last year. Two family members were scheduled to enjoy one of our fantastic walking itineraries together, when one fell suddenly quite ill during their independent pre-tour stay. They were forced to throw in the towel, head back across the pond for medical treatment, and miss out on their highly anticipated trip. The one thing that saved the situation – they had purchased travel insurance.

The twosome were able to submit a claim for the Trip Cost, airline tickets, and emergency transport home – they immediately re-booked the same trip with Boundless Journeys for this year using the reimbursed funds, and are now getting twice as excited for their adventure this year. They were given a second chance at European cuisine, excellent walking, and stirring history all because they took the time and made the choice to protect their investment. The member that did not get sick was also fully covered because their travel partner fell ill – this is what we mean by comprehensive protection!

Our partners at TravelGuard are wonderful – with them we are able to offer our travelers a very inclusive plan that covers you both before and after your trip.

Have questions or still need convincing? Feel free to email me (beth@www.boundlessjourneys.com) and I’ll be happy to chat. Nobody knows more the value of being protected than those of us in the industry, and I can say without question that an insurance plan is just as imperative to a journey as your hiking boots and sense of adventure.

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