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8 Places to Go in October & November

October and November are great months to travel. It’s the shoulder season in many places, which means there are fewer crowds. These months also offer fabulous hiking weather—it’s not as hot as summer, but still warm enough (with the exception of Iceland!). Plus, there is usually plenty of sunshine and a refreshing breeze. 

Tanzania in October

The large herds are generally in the north and have scattered around the northern Serengeti, as well as crossing back and forth over the Mara River into Kenya’s Masai Mara. If you are lucky, we may witness herds crossing one of the large northern rivers – truly a sight to behold. It’s generally a drier time of year, although it can rain at any time.

Spain & Morocco in October

October is the shoulder season in southern Spain and Morocco and offers moderate temperatures and is typically considered the best time to visit. There will be fewer tourist crowds and comfortable temperatures for being outside.


Nepalese Buddhist stupa in the HimalayasThe Himalayas in October or November 

Fall in Bhutan and Nepal typically brings the driest weather and the clearest skies, which means you’ll have the best chances of seeing Everest and the other Himalayan peaks on your hikes or through a plane window. In the lower elevations, temperatures can still be quite warm!


Schist Village PortugalPortugal in October

By October, the intense heat of the summer has passed, and there are fewer crowds, which is better for both our urban and rural exploration.



The Pacific in October

In New Zealand, October is one of the best months for spotting dolphins, whales, and penguins (who doesn’t love penguins?). It’s spring in the Southern Hemisphere, so the landscape will be in bloom, and you’ll see adorable baby lambs grazing alongside their mothers.

In Palau, the water temperature averages 82-85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round making it a lovely getaway before winter descends in the north. In addition, Palau is located outside the typhoon zone, so severe storms are generally not a concern.

Japan Nakasendo Trail, Japanin October or November

Autumn brings vivid hues to the landscape and tends to be the most pleasant in terms of mild temperatures and little rainfall. Check our our Japan guided tours with Fall departure dates. 



Vietnam in November

November is the cooler dry season just after the rainy season, so you’ll have the benefit of being there for the newly greened trees and rice paddies, as well as the much clearer air quality that can be expected at this time of year.



Iceland in November

Thanks to warming Gulf Stream winds, Iceland enjoys a much warmer climate than it should given its northerly location (and its name). November strikes a good balance of enough daylight hours for full days of exploring and dark nights for the best chance of seeing the aurora.


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