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Adventure Travel, Hiking, and Trekking Trips to Bhutan this Fall

Tiger's Nest Monastery
Tiger's Nest Monastery

Along the lofty ridges of the Himalayas lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, a place that has remained blissfully untouched by the rest of the world. With very few visitors entering the country, Bhutan’s landscape has remained pristine, its rivers pure, and its mountains magical. Bhutan’s people are gracious, the culture is rich, and spirituality is prevalent. On our active tours into this last remaining Shangri-La, we meet welcoming local people, red-robed lamas, and nomadic yak herders as we learn about the Bhutanese way of life. We hike to remote gold-roofed temples and monasteries, and through peaceful villages in emerald valleys surrounded by spectacular Himalayan scenery.

Boundless Journeys offers many ways to explore this unique Himalayan Kingdom, suited to different travel styles. Explore colorful festivals, trek deep into sacred mountains, or take a Private Collection trip for just you and your friends and family on the dates of your choice. No matter your preferred type trip, Bhutan is a fascinatingly unique country that must be on every intrepid explorer’s list.

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BHUTAN: A Journey Into the Peaceful Kingdom

Our award-winning adventure through the isolated Kingdom of Bhutan offers glimpses of a sacred heritage and distinctive identity that for centuries has remained shrouded by high peaks.

2010 Fall Trips:
Sep 28–Oct 09, Oct 12–23, Oct 26–Nov 06, Nov 09–20

2011 Spring Trips
Mar 22–Apr 02, Apr 12–23, May 10–21

2010 Land Cost:

$4695 per person

For more information on this journey to Bhutan, or to make a reservation, please visit Bhutan: A Journey Into the Peaceful Kingdom, or call 800-941-8010.

BHUTAN: Festivals of Bhutan

This cultural tour through Bhutan is highlighted by two days at a colorful festival, mingling with locals and soaking up the ancient traditions of this rich Himalayan Kingdom.

2010 Fall Trips:
Sep 13–21

2011 Winter Trips:

Feb 09–17, Mar 12–20

2010 Land Cost:

$4095 per person

For more information on this journey to Bhutan, or to make a reservation, please visit BHUTAN: Festivals of Bhutan, or call 800-941-8010.

BHUTAN: The Chomolhari Trek

Trekking in Bhutan amongst the lofty ridges of the Himalayas, breathtaking views abound as we witness a rich Buddhist culture, friendly people, and few other visitors.

2010 Fall Trip:
Oct 18–30

2011 Spring Trip:

Apr 24–May 07

2010 Land Cost:

$4595 per person

For more information on this journey to Bhutan, or to make a reservation, please visit BHUTAN: The Chomolhari Trek, or call 800-941-8010.

BHUTAN & NEPAL: Himalayan Kingdoms

This combination of Himalayan landscapes is infused with complementary cultures, beautiful vistas, and a revitalizing trek among the Annapurna mountains.

2010 Fall Trips:
Sep 24–Oct 06, Nov 01–13

2011 Spring Trip:

Mar 04–16

2010 Land Cost:

$4695 per person

For more information on this journey to Bhutan & Nepal, or to make a reservation, please visit BHUTAN & NEPAL: Himalayan Kingdoms, or call 800-941-8010.

BHUTAN PRIVATE COLLECTION: Hidden Kingdom in the Himalayas

This private tour of the Kingdom of Bhutan combines exploring interesting villages of western Bhutan on foot, and meeting welcoming local people, with immersion into a fascinating culture.

2010 & 2011 Trips: Choose your dates and traveling companions

2010 Land Cost:
From $4495 based on a sample 9 day itinerary (cost is variable depending on length of stay)

For more information on this Private Collection journey to Bhutan, or to make a reservation, please visit BHUTAN: Hidden Kingdom in the Himalayas, or call 800-941-8010.

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