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Getting Back to Basics – Vermont, Spain, Ireland Vermont, Spain, Ireland hiking toursIt seems to be happening all over the place these days. The dicey economy has people pulling back, hesitating from making big moves – whether it is a long-awaited expensive purchase, changing jobs, or adding to your family. It seems that people, myself and many of my friends included, are simplifying wherever we can. I plan to plant a vegetable garden this summer for the first time in years. I am letting out the hems on my growing daughter’s pants instead of passing them along and buying new ones. I’ve been concentrating on “the basics” for the past few months – quality time with my family, (trying to) keep fit during the long Vermont winter, and cooking more and taking out less. The benefit of all of this isn’t really even financial; I’ve found it’s much more mental. There’s a undeniable satisfaction in doing simple things well. Of course, as often happens, our personal lives have an impact on how we work, and vice versa. The same sort of practicality that has me enjoying planning my garden has led us to create a set of special trips for 2009 that are all about simple, organic experience and great value. We’re calling them our “Back to Basics” trips. With our usual small groups and expert local guides, we’ll be heading off the beaten path in Vermont, Ireland, and Spain, staying in charming small inns and exploring rarely visited areas. If you’ve found yourself focusing on the basics and eliminating the unnecessary stress from your life, perhaps these are the trips for you this year. Contact info@www.boundlessjourneys.com if you’d like more information on any of our 2009 Back to Basics special departures, or visit www.boundlessjourneys.com.


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