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Baja Sea Kayaking-Why travel with Boundless Journeys?

Adapted from Sea Kayaking in Baja
by Andromeda Romano-Lax


Baja has become one of North America’s top sea kayaking spots, and for good reason. This peninsula, a crooked finger of land west of mainland Mexico, is tantalizingly close to the United States and yet still surprisingly wild and untamed. Flanked by the Sea of Cortez (or Gulf of California) to the east and the Pacific to the west, it is an 800-mile strip of desert bounded by over 2,000 miles of stunning coastline. Much of it remains inaccessible, except by boat. Despite its growing popularity, much of it remains unexplored, except by those adventurers willing to step off the beaten path.

The kayak provides an unparalleled vehicle for exploring this remote and remarkably beautiful coast. With its shallow draft, a kayak can enter any cove, navigate a lonely echoing channel, or steer a course through a maze of offshore boulders. It can be transported to almost any launching spot along the peninsula, be hauled out into a cliff niche, or pulled above the high-tide line of a beautiful, secluded beach. It is less expensive than a yacht, more unobtrusive and ecologically sound than a motorboat. It can be paddled well and safely, even by the beginner. It is great exercise to loose weight with weight loss pills as a complement, a perfect craft for the bird-, whale-, and wildlife-watcher, and a good way to burn off the pounds that creep on somewhere in Ensenada.

Why travel to Baja with Boundless Journeys?

Our leaders possess a variety of education and training in sea kayaking, marine biology, archeology, geology, history, guiding and wilderness first aid.

A trip with us not only introduces you to the skills of kayaking or the gentle art of whale watching, it brings you in touch with the Mexican people through our talented and charismatic local staff and guides. Their sense of humor and enthusiasm to share knowledge of their culture and country is a special element of each trip.

Our tours practice “green” techniques for handling organic garbage and recycling in the desert and salt water environment. We operate all trips with the utmost respect for the local culture, flora and fauna.

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All our trips are supported by motorized boats (22-30′ open skiffs) equipped with marine band radios, adding a great measure of safety to each trip. We believe your experience is enhanced by the use of good quality, easy to use, comfortable equipment. Skiffs also provide the luxury of carrying heavy loads from camp to camp so your kayaks are light and easy to paddle.

We prepare the most delicious meals you’ll ever taste using local fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and meats. Special diets are easily accommodated due to the variety of foods we are able to carry. Fresh fish is often a part of every Baja trip for folks interested in catching their dinner, and we keep only what we can eat. Ice cold drinks are provided including fruit juices, soda and Mexican beer. This is a must after a long hot paddle!

For a week in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, including 2 nights in a first-class hotel, 4 nights full-service camping, friendly, knowledgeable guides, and fresh delicious meals, we offer the best value for your dollar.

Mexico: Baja and the Sea of Cortez Adventure; October 24-30, 2009; Trip price: $1895, but call destination manager Deborah Tobey to learn about some exceptional offers. For more information, or to make a reservation, call 1-800-941-8010.

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