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Spain: Have it Your Way

Spain is home to emerald hills, charming red-roofed hamlets, and pristine white villages, not to mention an abundance of wine, olives, cheeses, and culinary delicacies unique to each region. While the interior of the country has much to offer in its own right, we have found the most inspiring scenery and cultural treasures in the northern and southern regions. So we’ve developed two Spain tours that take you on a unique journey through both areas. Walk the highlights of the famed Camino de Santiago across northern Spain, or pair southern Spain with northern Morocco to discover two distinct cultures with a fascinating shared history. Read on to decide which walking tour is right for you!


Foodies, take note: you can’t go wrong with either tour of Spain. (In fact, you should probably just join both!) On our Camino de Santiago hiking tour, you begin in Basque country, renowned for pintxos, cider houses, and more than 40 Michelin-starred restaurants—we recommend setting aside at least two pre-tour days to explore Bilbao and beyond. As you cross through five distinct regions, your local guide will suggest where to try the best salt cod, beef, pork, and seafood along the way. Lunches are hearty and typical of home cooking; most offer a combination of salad, fish, soups, cured meats, cheeses, bread, and olive oil.

By contrast, the cuisine in southern Spain is a delicious juxtaposition of two very different gastronomic traditions. Bread, stews, cheeses, and vegetable dishes are typical of both Spain and nearby Morocco, but feature different flavors and spice profiles. You’lll experience both on a Spain and Morocco tour! The standouts are world-renowned sherry, olives, and Iberian ham in southern Spain, and intoxicating spices of pastilla, tagines, and mint tea in Morocco.


Both trips are active, however our Camino de Santiago hike (rated a “3”) is a 500-mile long pilgrimage, and therefore has more of a hiking focus. Our 12-day itinerary features carefully-selected hikes along classic sections of this historic route. Expect to also walk during city tours and while visiting sites. The scenery and meditative aspect of the journey are the primary motivating factors for those who join this tour. Hikes average 3-6 hours per day on a combination of paved and unpaved paths, with some steep ascents and descents. Depending on group size and fitness level, your guide will present at least two options on various days, one shorter and one longer. To boost your endurance on the trail, you might want to read here about the newest supplements to increase testosterone levels. on our Granada to Fes walking tour (rated a “2+”), you’ll find a more balanced itinerary of hikes in natural areas and walks through historic towns and villages, such as Andalucia, the famed “Blue City” of Chefchauoen, the Roman outpost of Volubilis, and the medina of Fes. Hikes offer moderate elevation changes, about 250-1,800 feet, and average 3-7 hours on a variety of terrain.


Our Spain tour packages reflect both the current cultures and create experiences that transport you back in time, allowing the historical sights to come alive. The Camino de Santiago hike is one of the great pilgrimage routes of medieval Christendom. Pilgrims began to make their way to Santiago in the 9th century, and as their numbers grew, so did the infrastructure and facilities to make the route easier and more secure. More than a thousand years later, the trail still carries thousands of travelers a year from all over the world to Santiago de Compostela. We follow in the footsteps of millions who have gone before us, visiting monuments, monasteries, cities, and cathedrals that have borne witness to the passage of multitudes.

Meanwhile, southern Spain is a historic and cultural melting pot, evidenced in its megalithic ruins, fortified Moorish hill towns, converted medieval mosques, and the fusion of architectural styles seen at sites such as the Alhambra (made famous by Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). Our Morocco and Spain guided tours have maintained distinct identities despite a shared (and somewhat fraught) history that has left them forever intertwined. Morocco offers an intoxicating mix of ancient and modern, from vestiges of colonial rule to mysterious, medieval Fes that beckons you to get lost in its winding cobblestone alleyways. Islamic, Christian, Berber, French, Arab, and Roman histories collide on this tour, and you learn what lies beneath the mystique that pervades modern culture in these regions.


As always on a Boundless Journeys small group tour, you can expect to stay at boutique inns and hotels that have been carefully selected by our dedicated staff. We always consider location, local flavor, and service level when choosing each night’s accommodations.

On our Camino adventure tour, as is the nature of a pilgrimage, you stay in a different hotel nearly every night, which also allows you to experience a full range of offerings including a former 18th-century palace, a restored medieval hospital, and a few monasteries (former and current). For guests who want style, history, unique architecture, and a high level of hospitality, this trip offers a selection so robust it is difficult to choose a favorite. Not to be out-done, our southern Spain and Morocco tour certainly has its own highlights. For those who prefer to settle in a bit more, most stays are for two nights.

In Spain, you enjoy a classic countryside lodge, a recently-opened guesthouse, and a luxurious Parador Hotel—all of which have been vetted by our staff and stamped with a seal of approval. Morocco offers unique accommodations in former riads featuring beautiful Islamic architecture and tilework, as well as luxury properties with an onsite spa or hammam.


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