• Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago

Follow in the Footsteps of Pilgrims with Boundless Journeys

The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, is one of the three great pilgrimage routes of medieval Christendom. More than a thousand years after its inception, the Camino still carries thousands of pilgrims a year from all over Europe, and further afield, to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Saint James’ resting place in northwest Spain. Pilgrims began to make their way to Santiago in the 9th century, and as their numbers grew, so did the churches, chapels, hospitals, hostels, and inns. This, along with the construction of roads and bridges, and the clearing of wide swaths of woodlands, helped to make the pilgrims’ progress easier and more secure.


We begin our journey in Bilbao before transferring to southern France, where we join the Camino in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. From here, we walk and hike along the French Way, on sections of the Camino that highlight the most scenic mountains, hills, and plains of northern Spain to Santiago and on to Finisterre — or Land’s End — on the Atlantic Ocean. As we advance westwards across the Iberian peninsula, we follow in the footsteps of millions who have gone before us, visiting monuments and churches that have borne witness to the passage of multitudes. Along the way, we enjoy the company of other pilgrims sharing a common endeavour, and have the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the Camino’s history and our own exterior and interior journeys.

What Our Guests Have To Say About This Tour

Well rounded trip

5 5 1
The journey on the Camino combined a varied experience of Spanish history, culture and food along with a moving contemplative experience due to treading the same ground the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela have since the Middle Ages giving meaning and a timelessness to the entire trip. Our guide, Nicolas, was very knowledgeable regarding Spanish history, culture, architecture, and food. His expertise in these areas greatly increased the value of the experience on this trip. Nicolas was professional in the care he gave to arrangements and additional help when needed while, at the same time, he was personable and friendly feeling like part of the group and not only a guide. In addition, our van support driver Oskar was also always helpful and attentive adding to our positive experience. All accommodations were at a high level of comfort and service. In addition, staying in historical structures at times added to the interest of the trip. The food was always excellent with Nicolas being informative and knowledgeable about local specialties and making sure that there was always a sufficient amount and tasty variety. The activities were varied so there was always something interesting to do and look forward to whether during the day's walking or at other times. The mixture of the Guggenheim, historical sites, and the locations we passed through on the Camino were all interesting and provided a variety of experiences. Walking in the Pyrenees and then across Northern Spain was beautiful with always feeling close to nature.

Immersive experience

5 5 1
An immersive experience of the Camino trail and the food, culture and ambiance of Northern Spain.


5 5 1
Find friends, share food, meet NICK as you walk the path of the pilgrims.

Didn't want it to end

5 5 1
Being alone, not interfered with by the outside world, brings a peace I haven’t felt for a long time. Being able to do that for almost 2 weeks, is healing for any soul. I didn’t want it to end.


5 5 1
Outstanding trip!

Amazing guide!

5 5 1
No one can compare to Nicholas Law. Deep intelligence, immeasurable knowledge about history, language, food, plants, terrain, and more. His enthusiasm and passion infused our every step. And perhaps most important, his knowledge of his -self- meant his social antenna was always on full alert to help each traveler find his/her own pace. The trip would have been all things excellent...but Nick's companionship along the way deepened this experience for me. Whatever he's paid....it's not enough for what he brought....and brings.....to the Camino.

It worked well

5 5 1
The flexibility for different fitness levels, timing/dates of the trip worked out.

A dream come true

5 5 1
To do the Camino was always a dream of mine, and I could not have found a better travel company to fulfill it.

Our Guide Was Outstanding

5 5 1
Our guide Nick was outstanding! His knowledge, insight, and explanations were easy to understand and given in a way which was interesting. Our hiking pace each day seemed tailor made for each person, their hiking ability along with the desire to take photos of everything we were seeing. Nick bobbed and weaved amongst us, making great conversation, giving tidbits of information about the landscape, buildings, cathedrals, and humors stories to make the miles, even the more challenging ones, seem effortless. We enjoyed him very much and hope to hike with him again on other adventures.

Trip of a lifetime!

5 5 1
Every day on this trip was memorable and we would consider a "favorite day" starting from day one. Visiting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, beginning our hike and getting our first stamp in St Jean Pied de Port , hiking in mist and rain, unexpected stops to see hobbit holes ( earthen wine cellars) and no less than 30 storks nest above the railway lines, staying in beautiful monasteries, discovering all kinds of wonderful foods and wines, cheeses, ibearing ham, to just off the boat, fish, clams, barnacles, octopus, and wonderful paella. An eveing mass with Nuns and their beautiful singing, fields of red poppies stretched out before us as we walked, a four mile stretch of hiking along a fence line with handmade crosses of every kind, some made of sticks, bandaids, string, shoe strings, then stuck into the fence, tributes and encouragement to those that were walking and those that had made the walk before them. Each day to see so many pilgrims/people on their own personal journey and pilgrimage was inspiring and moving. And, finally the walk into Santiago to see the joy and happiness of others who had finally finished their pilgrimage. All the while being educated and given a perspective about why many people go on a "pilgrimage", given insight and understanding about Christianity, its Saints and the impact on the world, the role they played then and still do today. Thank you Boundless Journey for your attention to the details. For working with and choosing guides that love and are passionate about what they do. Because of those things we have had the trip of a lifetime.

A great pilgrimage

5 5 1
Psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of this journey were made possible by the nature of the pilgrimage itself.

Beyond Expectations

5 5 1
I loved the combination of the destinations and the associated history and culture. It was more than I expected!

Very High Bar

5 5 1
Our guide excelled in the depth of his historical knowledge, relaying it in a story fashion. His love of his adopted country was tangible as well as infectious! My first trip with Boundless Journeys, and you have set the bar very high!

Trip of a lifetime

4 5 1
My wife and I first learned about the Camino some 10-12 years ago. It tool us that long to make the hike a reality. We're very glad we made the journey with Boundless Journeys!

Outstanding Guide

5 5 1
Our guide Nick was outstanding. Handled us in a very professional way, extremely intelligent and friendly. He was very prepared and took his job very seriously!

excellent blend of cultural sites and walking

4 5 1
This trip provided an excellent blend of cultural sites with walking the highlights of El Camino. All meals, including the picnic were very good with each providing culinary experiences of the region where we were walking, including local wines. Even our lodgings, especially the monastic ones, fit the theme of the trip. I appreciated having the option of attending a mass to bless the pilgrims both at the start and at the end of the walk, since this has historically been a religious walk. Getting to attend a mass and see the magnificent censor spread incense through the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela was a highlight.

Small and intimate

5 5 1
We love how Boundless Journeys keep their trips small and intimate. We enjoyed getting to know our fellow travelers while being led by a knowledgeable guide. Staying in lovely hotels and eating great food are icing on the cake. We have taken 2 trips with Boundless and will definitely take more.

It's all about the journey

5 5 1
The Camino trip is a unique experience because it has a destination. To share the journey with people from all over the world, of all ages and beliefs, was very special; but truly it was the journey, not the destination, that moved me most.

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Itinerary &

Itinerary & Accommodations

Day 1


  • Activity Overview: City walking
  • Activity Level: Easy
  • Activity Length: 1 hour (approximately 2 miles)

We meet our guide in the late afternoon in Bilbao. After a brief orientation, we walk a short distance along the River Nervion and enjoy lovely views of the Guggenheim Museum en route to visiting its collections with a local art historian. After our visit, we'll enjoy a welcome dinner at a local restaurant before retiring to our hotel to rest up for our first day on the Camino.

Hotel Barceló Nervión

Hotel Barceló Nervión

Design, technology, art, and sustainability characterize the Barceló Bilbao Nervión hotel, which reopened its doors in 2013 after reinventing itself as a modern eco-urban establishment. The hotel stands in the heart of Bilbao, only a 10-minute walk to the Guggenheim Museum. The hotel offers an excellent and varied menu in its Ibaizabal restaurant and also in the hotel’s café, famous for its creative signature tapas to enjoy at your table or in the wine room.

Day 2

Bilbao to Saint Jean Pied de Port and Roncesvalles

  • Activity Overview: Hike
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Activity Length: 3 hours (approximately 6.5 miles), with elevation gain of 900’ and loss of 1,750’

After breakfast in Bilbao, we transfer to the village of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Saint John at the foot of the pass), where we have an opportunity to walk around this beautiful riverside town, visit the pilgrim information center and obtain the first stamp in our pilgrim's passport.

Our hike begins on a well-trodden, grassy footpath in the alpine pastures of the Pyrénées Atlantiques at an altitude of 4,000'. We traverse emerald-green, sheep-grazed hillsides, skirt the peak of Leizar Atheka, and continue through a beechwood forest before completing our climb to the top of Lepoeder Pass. Our descent down a stony track into Roncesvalles, where we will spend our first night on the Camino, provides splendid views of the Erro Valley. Before dinner, there is the option to attend the mass and blessing service given for pilgrims in the 12th-century Royal Collegiate Church of Saint Mary, and perhaps enjoy a pre-dinner drink on the hotel terrace.

Hotel Roncesvalles

Hotel Roncesvalles

This restored medieval hospital is situated beside Roncesvalles Monastery, an important point on the Camino de Santiago. Hotel Roncesvalles combines original stone walls and wooden ceilings with elegant, modern décor. Amenities in the 16-room hotel include a restaurant, lounge bar, and large terrace.

Day 3

Roncesvalles to Pamplona

  • Activity Overview: Hike
  • Activity Level: Easy to moderate
  • Activity Length: Approximately 6.5 miles with elevation gain of 425’ and loss of 1300’

After breakfast, we transfer from our hotel in Roncesvalles to the Camino trailhead in the nearby village of Bizkarreta. Our walk this morning is considerably flatter than yesterday's stretch, as we gradually leave the Pyrenees behind us. We begin in the Erro valley, traversing the village of Lintzoain, and then ascending again to Carrovide. We then descend through the Erro pass, with its panoramic viewpoints, and continue downhill to the town of Zubiri — with its gem of a 12th-century Romanesque bridge. The name Zubiri is derived from the Basque (or Euskera) language meaning "village of the bridge."

There may be time before dinner to take walk around the old center of Pamplona and the course of the famed San Fermines bull run, celebrated annually in July.

Hotel Palacio Guendulain

Hotel Palacio Guendulain

Set in the former royal residence of Queen Isabella II, and located in the center of Pamplona, this 18th-century palace hotel is a 2-minute walk from San Nicolás church, and a 7-minute walk from the Pamplona Cathedral. Features include beautiful communal spaces decorated with historical paintings, elegantly furnished rooms, a lounge bar with a terrace, hallways displaying royal exhibits, and a garden courtyard.

Day 4

Pamplona to San Millán de la Cogolla

  • Activity Overview: Hike
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Activity Length: 3 hours, approximately 6 miles with elevation gain of 550’ and loss of 1100’

Our trailhead today is in Zariquiegui, a short transfer west from Pamplona. From here, we make a brief, gentle but steady climb through wheat fields to the Alto del Perdón, the Mount of Forgiveness. At an altitude of 2,500' we find pilgrim sculptures by Vicente Galbete, aligned windmills, and splendid views both behind us toward Pamplona and onwards to Puente La Reina, our destination this afternoon.

The small town of Puente la Reina, or "the Queen's Bridge," allows us to walk the Camino along the Calle Mayor and across the stunning Romanesque bridge that gives the town its name. We complete today's stage by transferring to the village of San Millán de la Cogolla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This evening before dinner we'll tour the upper monastery of Suso. San Millán was a local 6th-century hermit-saint who retired to follow a life of contemplation in a hillside cave above the village that would eventually take his name. Devotees of San Millán and pilgrims traveled to visit his burial place in Suso until the 11th century when his remains were moved downhill to Yuso, a newer, larger monastery, befitting a saint of his importance. San Millán's nomination as patron saint of Castile, after the battle of Simancas in 923 AD, had already ensured his veneration throughout Spain, although this would decline gradually as the cult of Saint James developed and the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela gained momentum.

Hosteria del Monasterio de San Millán

Hosteria del Monasterio de San Millán
San Millán de la Cogolla,

Originally part of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, this 4-star historic hotel is housed within Yuso Monastery, a UNESCO Heritage Site. It preserves some of Spain’s oldest manuscripts in Spanish and Basque. Elegant rooms at Hosteria del Monasterio de San Millan provide views of the monastery and surrounding mountains. The Hosteria features a restaurant known for local specialities best complemented by wines from Rioja. Located in the monastery’s former kitchen, the on-site café serves snacks and drinks.

Day 5

San Millán de la Cogolla to Burgos

  • Activity Overview: Morning tour, afternoon hike
  • Activity Level: Easy walk, moderate hike
  • Activity Length: About 1 hour; about 3 hours, approximately 8 miles with elevation gain of 725’ and loss of 450’

This morning we begin our day with a tour of the Yuso Monastery, the larger and newer monstery adjacent to our hotel.

After our visit, we transfer to the Camino trailhead in the Montes de Oca, and enjoy a hike on forested paths to San Juan de Ortega. We ascend on steep trails until we reach the high, flat meseta of Castile, the great central heartland of Spain.

A short drive after our afternoon hike brings us to Burgos, founded and fortified in the late 9th century to contain the advance of the Moors, who had landed in southern Spain in 711. It is now an important provincial capital with a magnificent Gothic cathedral.

This evening is free to visit the Burgos Cathedral independently, dine on your own, explore Burgos, or simply rest and relax at our lovely hotel.

Palacio de los Blasones

Palacio de los Blasones

A haven of rest and relaxation, this 4-star hotel will offer total renewal just steps away from the city’s numerous attractions. The hotel’s terrace affords stunning views of the cathedral and the churches of San Gil, San Nicolas and San Esteban, and the restaurant serves creative regional cuisine. Guest rooms offer modern, simplistic style, and charm, and service is warm and personal.

Day 6

Burgos to Carrión de los Condes

  • Activity Overview: Morning hike; afternoon hike
  • Activity Level: Easy to moderate
  • Activity Length: About 0.5 hours, approximately 1 mile with elevation gain of 100’ and loss of 125’ in the morning; about 3.5 hours, approximately 7.5 miles with elevation gain of 100’ and loss of 450’ in the afternoon

Our hike today begins at the trailhead of San Bol and continues across a high plateau of cultivated farmland, offering nothing for company except ourselves and the wind. Here, we may come to understand another aspect and the wider significance of a pilgrimage.

Our route continues through Hontanas, named and appreciated for its many fontanas, or springs. It is known as the site of a former hostel for pilgrims, and also for San Antón, with its ruined 12th- to 14th-century monastery dedicated to Saint Anthony of Egypt. Monks of the order of Saint Anthony administered the hospital here, specializing in the care of medieval patients afflicted by Saint Anthony's Fire, or ergotism, then a common illness caused by eating contaminated grains. We complete our hike today in the village of Castrojeriz, where we find a fortress rebuilt by the Visigoths and later invaders, which bore witness to countless battles between Moors and Christians. Our journey concludes with a transfer to the town of Carrión de los Condes.

Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zoilo

Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zoilo
Carrión de los Condes,

Set in a former monastery in Carrion de los Condes, the 4-star Hotel Real Monasterio de San Zoilo is accented by beautiful gardens. Featuring stone arches, drapes, and beamed ceilings, guestrooms have a rustic feel accompanied by modern conveniences. Restaurante Las Vigas serves traditional Spanish dishes made from local produce, as well as a daily breakfast.

Day 7

Carrión de los Condes to León

  • Activity Overview: Moderate morning hike, easy city walk
  • Activity Level: Easy to moderate
  • Activity Length: About 4 hours, approximately 10.5 miles with elevation gain of 225’ and loss of 100’ (shorter options, or a visit to the Roman villa La Olmeda, are possible in the morning); about 2 hours, approximately 1.5 miles in the afternoon

This morning's hike begins from our monastery accommodation as we head toward the hamlet of Calzadilla de la Cueza. Calzadilla is derived from calzada, a causeway or paved road, in reference to the Roman road on which Calzadilla sits. This was a branch of the Via Aquitania that once connected Burdigala to Asturica Augusta (now Bordeaux and Astorga). Here, the Camino runs straight and true, along parts of the old Roman road and across the aptly named countryside Tierra de Campos, "land of fields." The mountains of the Pyrenees and the hills of La Rioja are well behind us now.

After a short transfer and arrival in León, we enjoy a guided tour of the city, founded by the Seventh Legion in Roman times. Here we visit perhaps the most astonishing of all Gothic cathedrals, with walls seemingly composed almost wholly of stained glass, much of which is original.

This evening, after dinner, we have the option to attend Compline with other pilgrims from all over the world and receive the Sisters' blessing for pilgrims at the nearby Benedictine monastery of Santa María de Carbajal.

Hospederia Monástica Pax

Hospederia Monástica Pax

Hospederia Pax is located just steps away from the city’s numerous attractions, in the main wing of a restored monastery that is still active. Enjoy traditional Leonese cuisine in the hotel restaurant, and mingle with pilgrims at the on-site hostel.

Day 8

León to Villafranca del Bierzo

  • Activity Overview: Morning hike; afternoon walk
  • Activity Level: Moderate hike, easy walk
  • Activity Length: About 3 hours, approximately 7.5 miles with elevation gain of 575’ and negligible loss in the morning; about 1 hour, approximately 2.5 miles with elevation gain of 225’ and loss of 250’ in the afternoon

This morning we advance westward and transfer to Astorga for a short visit to Gaudí's monumental Episcopal Palace, before starting our hike in Castrillo de los Polvazares. Castrillo is the first stop on the Camino after Astorga, the point at which the Camino Francés (the French Way), and the Vía de la Plata (the Silver Way) — the pilgrimage route connecting southwest and northwest Spain — meet. Castrillo's location determined the occupation and employment of most of its inhabitants. Called arrieros, or muleteers, for centuries they transported wine, salted goods, dried meats, and grain between inland Spain and the coast to the north. The muleteers' thick-walled stone houses, pierced by wide doors that allowed easy access and exit for carts, carriages, and mules, face each other across austere cobbled streets, enlivened only by the passage of pilgrims and the setting sun.

After lunch, we stop at the Cruz de Ferro, a huge iron cross where pilgrims traditionally leave a stone they have brought from home, symbolizing the shedding of the past and future rebirth. We complete our traverse of the Montes de León, before descending into the Bierzo region. Here, we end the hiking portion of our day with a vineyard visit and wine tasting at Palacio de Canedo en route to our Parador Hotel in Villafranca del Bierzo.

Hotel Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo

Hotel Parador de Villafranca del Bierzo
Villafranca del Bierzo,

The modern rooms at Parador de Villafranca feature stylish décor with parquet floors. Each offers views of the gardens, terrace, mountains, or the town of Villafranca del Bierzo. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the hotel’s two swimming pools, and relax in the bar and lounge. The hotel restaurant serves traditional Spanish cuisine, specializing in local cured meats, cheeses and pastries.

Day 9

Villafranca del Bierzo to Monforte de Lemos

  • Activity Overview: Hiking
  • Activity Level: Moderate to strenuous
  • Activity Length: About 2.75 hours, approximately 5.5 miles with elevation gain of 2125’ and loss of 100’ in the morning; about 2 hours, approximately 6 miles with elevation gain of 725’ and loss of 675’ in the afternoon

This morning we transfer to the hamlet of Las Herrerias at the foot of the Cordillera Cantábrica, a mountain chain which separates Castilla-León to the east, and Galicia — the last autonomous region of Spain we will visit — to the west. A steady but comfortable climb through fields, mixed woodland, and across hillsides covered with heather and bracken, brings us to O Cebreiro at nearly 4,500', the highest stopping point on the Camino Francés in Galicia.

After lunch close to the pass with stunning views to either side, we walk through beautiful high countryside, losing some altitude as we reach Linares — named for the flax that used to be grown there — only to regain it on our way to Alto do Poio. From here, we transfer via Samos, renowned for its 6th-century monastery, to Monforte de Lemos, a hilltop settlement already inhabited in pre-Roman times by the Lemavos. The city has a rich artistic heritage characterized primarily by its medieval fortress, the palace of the Counts of Lemos and a Benedictine monastery. Our parador hotel occupies parts of these last two buildings and some of Monforte's other attractions include its status as wine capital of the Ribeira Sacra wine-producing region and its old Jewish quarter.

Parador de Monforte de Lemos

Parador de Monforte de Lemos

Located in northern Galicia in the town of Monforte de Lemos, this Parador Hotel is in a former 17th-century Benedictine Monastery. Enjoy surrounding views of the town and countryside and well-appointed rooms in this historic setting.

Day 10

Monforte de Lemos to Santiago de Compostela

  • Activity Overview: Morning hike; afternoon walk
  • Activity Level: Easy to moderate
  • Activity Length: About 2.75 hours, approximately 6.5 miles with elevation gain of 700’ and loss of 225’ in the morning; about 1 hour, approximately 1.5 miles,negligible elevation gain and loss in the afternoon

On the last stage of our pilgrimage, we transfer from Monforte de Lemos to Vilei. Our trail alternates between paved walkways and the occasional footpath, through bucolic countryside and quiet, unspoiled hamlets until we reach Ferreiros. After some light refreshment, we transfer to the outer part of the old city of Santiago de Compostela, and walk the last stretch of the Camino Francés to the cathedral itself, before continuing the short distance to our hotel for the last two nights of our journey.

Later today, we will have a guided tour of central Santiago de Compostela, surely one of the most beautiful and historic monumental cities in Spain, and its cathedral, still the annual destination for thousands of pilgrims who travel from all over the world to complete this historic walk. Tonight we enjoy dinner at a local restaurant.

San Francisco Hotel Monumento

San Francisco Hotel Monumento
Santiago de Compostela,

Located near the cathedral in the center of Santiago de Compostela, this property is housed in a converted 18th-century Franciscan convent, whose origins date back to 1214. Today, the San Francisco Hotel Monumento is a charming, 4-star hotel surrounded by gardens, with an indoor pool and hot tub. Rooms at the hotel are spacious and elegant, and the restaurant serves creative regional dishes with fresh produce from the hotel gardens.

Day 11

Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre

  • Activity Overview: Walking
  • Activity Level: Easy
  • Activity Length: About 1.25 hours, approximately 3 miles with elevation gain of 165’ and loss of 100’ in the morning; about 1.75 hours, approximately 4.5 miles with elevation again of 450’ and loss of 50’ in the afternoon

Our hike today is an epilogue to the Camino de Santiago. We will make a special pilgrimage to Finisterre, Land's End, one of the westernmost points in peninsular Spain, and the final destination of pilgrims wishing to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Finisterre has long been a place of pagan worship even before Roman times. According to legend, Finisterre is also the site of Ara Solis, an altar linked to the adoration of the sun and supposedly destroyed by the Apostle when he built the hermitage of San Guillermo, of which nothing remains.

We finish our journey at the lighthouse with views of the Atlantic and a final seaside lunch. Tonight we return to Santiago de Compostela and celebrate the end of our pilgrimage with a typical Galician-style dinner.

San Francisco Hotel Monumento

San Francisco Hotel Monumento
Santiago de Compostela,

Located near the cathedral in the center of Santiago de Compostela, this property is housed in a converted 18th-century Franciscan convent, whose origins date back to 1214. Today, the San Francisco Hotel Monumento is a charming, 4-star hotel surrounded by gardens, with an indoor pool and hot tub. Rooms at the hotel are spacious and elegant, and the restaurant serves creative regional dishes with fresh produce from the hotel gardens.

Day 12

Depart from Santiago de Compostela

Our tour officially ends today after breakfast. You may choose to extend your stay independently in Santiago de Compostela, and perhaps attend a mass service at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, or begin your journey home (albeit not on foot!).

Please note that this is a typical itinerary, and actual activities may vary due to weather conditions, local events, and to allow serendipity to play a hand in your experience. Accommodations are as outlined in the itinerary, although we reserve the right to change these or the order visited should the need arise.

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Dates &

Dates And Prices

Trip Length

12 Days

Trip Dates

Sep 3-14, 2024

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2024 Land Cost

From $7,095 Per Person

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First two reserved:$595


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9+ Guests: $7,095 per person

5 to 8 Guests: $7,595 per person

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What's Included

  • Expert leadership
  • All accommodations
  • All meals, except one dinner (Day 5)
  • Picnic lunches and a couple of bar-style lunches at chosen spots along the Camino
  • Local wine and beer with included dinners
  • Entrance fees and local guide fees
  • Activities as noted in the itinerary
  • All on-tour transportation
  • Explorers Club savings on your next scheduled, small-group trip (conditions apply)

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: Accommodations are based on double occupancy. A single supplement is paid by participants who specifically request single accommodations, subject to availability.

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If you are traveling alone and wish to share accommodations, we will try to match you with a roommate of the same gender. If you reserve at least 120 days ahead and request a roommate but one is not available, you will receive a $500 reduction from the standard single supplement (unless otherwise noted in the detailed itinerary for your specific trip).

Single Supplement for Custom Tours. Custom Tour prices are generally based on two or more participants; therefore, single supplements for “solo” Custom Tours will vary and are available upon request.

What To

What To Expect

Physical Activity

Boundless Journeys' trips are designed for energetic and flexible individuals who like to be active and have a spirit of adventure and a positive attitude. Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago is rated 3, moderate, on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the most strenuous). The hikes on this trip average of 3-6 hours a day, on a combination of dirt and grass trails, paved roads, and rocky paths, with some steep ascents and descents.

It may be possible to shorten some walks with private transportation to/from the group. Depending on group size and fitness level, your guide(s) will present at least two options on various days, one shorter and one longer.

Meeting Point

Bilbao, Spain at 4:30 p.m.

Departure Point

Santiago de Compostela, Spain; after breakfast

Traveling To and From

Most Convenient Airport:
Bilbao Airport, Bilbao, Spain (airport code BIO) or Madrid Barajas International Airport Madrid, Spain (airport code MAD), for arrival. Santiago Airport, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (airport code SCQ) for departure.

Meeting Time and Place:
Your guide(s) will meet you on the first day of the trip at 4:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Hotel Barcelo Nervion in Bilbao.

Departure Time and Place:
The trip will end after breakfast at the Hotel Monumento San Francisco in Santiago de Compostela. From there, taxis are available to the Santiago Airport (SCQ), or the Santiago de Compostela Railway Station. The transfer takes about 20-30 minutes.


Given that you will be traveling almost 500 miles from the Pyrenees through northern continental Spain, and west to the Atlantic Ocean, you can expect a variety of weather conditions. Sun and warm temperatures typically prevail in June, however, you should come prepared for a variety of conditions, as we will walk and hike in the rain, unless it is hazardous to do so, and we will encounter some long stretches with little to no shade. In June, average temperatures along our route typically range from the low 50's to the mid-70's.

You may obtain more detailed weather information on www.weatherbase.com.

When to Go

June and September are considered some of the best months to walk the Camino de Santiago. During these month, the weather is generally warm or hot, everything is open, and the trails are not as busy as they are in July and August.


The delights of Spanish cuisine are as wide and varied as its landscapes. Hearty stews, steaks, black pudding, lamb, cured meats, and fine red wine are staples in the north. Trout, tuna, cod, and a variety of cheeses are present in most menus, and fresh vegetables are typically in plentiful supply. We generally dine at small restaurants in the villages we visit that offer authentic and delicious cuisine. Dinner in Spain is late, and we eat on the "early" side at 8:30 p.m. Local wines and beer are included with dinner each evening. Vegetarians can be accommodated with advance notice, though choices tend to be much more limited; culturally, meat and fish are key components of Spanish cuisine.

Drive Time

Exact travel distances will depend on where we start and/or stop walking each day, with an approximate drive time of 1-2 hours daily.

Pilgrim's Passport and Certificate

Our tour is designed to highlight the "best of" moments along the entire length of the (French) Way of St. James over 12 days, including scenic hikes, delicious regional cuisine, and cultural landmarks. While you will receive a Pilgrim's Passport and be encouraged to collect stamps along your journey, please note that in order to receive the Compostela certificate one must walk (at minimum) the last consecutive 100 km, which our tour does not do, since the terrain and landscape is rather monotonous.


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With a Boundless Journeys guide, your experience is that of friend and local adventurer. We believe strongly in working with local guides, experts in the areas to which we travel, and they hold the keys to unlocking the hidden delights of your chosen destination. Although you will never know they are at work—the mark of a truly great leader—our guides make magical things happen and add a dimension to your trip that you could not experience on your own. Over the years we have forged bonds with some of the best guides in the world, and we typically work with a small team of guides in each region. You will be informed of the guide for your trip one month prior to your departure.

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12 Days
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Croatia & Montenegro: Treasures of the Dalmatian Coast

We begin in Croatia, hiking through olive groves and pine forests, and kayaking over crystal clear seas. We explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik, and spend time in Hvar, renowned for its 13th-century walls, marble...

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Italy: Splendors of Sicily

For hundreds of years, the Dolomites have been home to the Ladin people, who trace their heritage back to the Romans. On this magical Italy hiking tour, you’ll walk across three of the Ladin valleys — Val Gardena, Alta Badia...

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Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, is one of the three great pilgrimage routes of medieval Christendom. More than a thousand years after its inception, the Camino still carries thousands of pilgrims a year from all...

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Activity Level 3 Moderate

Moderate hiking, 3-6 hours a day, on a combination of dirt and grass trails, paved roads, and rocky paths, with some steep ascents and descents.

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  • Group Size: 4-16 Guests

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