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Douro Valley

8 Best Places to Go in April & May

There are some places where spring is the best time of year to visit—the landscape pops with color, few other travelers share the trails and towns, and the weather is near-ideal for being outdoors. Let us help you find the perfect destination for your springtime adventure! Bhutan Why April? The mountainous areas of Bhutan have pronounced rainy… Read More »

The Spirit of Discovery: Traveling to Places Unknown

The history of humanity is steeped in the notion that staying still is simply not an option. Traversing continents, our earliest ancestors set out to expand and adapt to every corner of the globe. This inability to remain static is responsible for the birth of culture itself, as traditions, cuisine, and belief systems grew out… Read More »

New Adventures for 2019

Every summer, we look forward to announcing our new adventures for the upcoming year. Some of these are so new, we don’t even have webpages for them yet, so if you’re interested, give us a call at 1-800-941-8010 for more details. We hope you unleash your inner adventurer and join us in 2019! The Puglia region,… Read More »

Douro Valley

Video: Porto, The Douro Valley, & Lisbon Hiking

Although it’s roughly the size of the state of Maine, for those travelers lucky enough to experience it, Portugal is a world unto itself. Throughout the centuries, a host of conquerors, from the Visigoths and Romans to the Moors and Christians, have all left their mark on this fabled land and are still visible today… Read More »

5 Places to Go in September & October

I once saw a statistic that said most people plan their vacations just six months ahead of time. Based on the cycle of reservations, I’d say that does ring true, somewhat. Of course, there are always people that plan far in advance (I am one of them), and even in February we get requests for… Read More »

Portugal Cheese

8 Foods to Try in Portugal

Countries and regions that have historically been heavily involved in trade have had their cuisine evolve over time and adopt flavors and recipes from the cultures with which they’ve come into contact. This is especially true for Portugal, since it was a major player during the Age of Exploration, colonizing in South America, India, Africa,… Read More »

Portugal’s Best Kept Secret

While most travelers to Portugal travel along the sparkling coast, only visiting the cities of Porto and Lisbon, those who venture further inland—into the mountains—will discover places where time passes slowly: the Schist Villages. For everyone who doesn’t remember their 8th grade earth sciences class, schist is a type of rock, related to shale. Parts… Read More »

Fado: Portugal’s Own Musical Genre

While many countries and regions have traditional music, Fado music is one of just a few that has been put on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. I bet you didn’t even know that existed until just now. You can read more about the ICHL on the UNESCO website, but let’s get back to Fado.… Read More »


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