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A Conversation with Daniel Canteros, Boundless Journeys’ Argentina Guide

We interviewed Daniel Canteros as part of our series showcasing the amazing people that make traveling with Boundless Journeys so special. Read on to discover what Daniel loves most about traveling in Argentina, what motivates him, and what makes Patagonia such an incredible destination.

1) Daniel can you please tell us a bit about yourself, and how you found your way into the world of professional guiding?

I started guiding in my early 20s right after finishing school. By that time, I spoke three languages fluently, and I knew that I wanted to travel and see the world. I started guiding short trips in the north of Argentina before I had my first opportunity to visit Patagonia. The first time I saw Patagonia, it blew my mind with its vastness and its unique, rugged beauty. And I have been enthralled with its beauty ever since.

Over the years, I have always enjoyed sharing the amazing moments that happen while travelling with my guests and sharing my country with people from all around the world. My work as a guide helps create a lasting bond between travelers and my country, and this pursuit continues to motivate and inspire me as a trip leader.

2) You have been the core of Boundless Journeys’ Buenos Aires and Patagonia trips in Argentina for a several years already!  What is so special about Argentina and Argentinian culture that guests enjoy the most?

The Argentinian people always have a significant impact on travelers in my groups. From interactions with drivers, to deep conversations with local guides, to random people who we meet in passing along the way, Argentinians are very fond of socializing and making new friends.

Given our recent history—which saw this region devastated by political instability, inflation, and an economic crisis—it’s no wonder that the Argentinian people are so eager to connect and help others. Travelers new to Argentina are always amazed at how open and approachable Argentinian people are towards visitors. Whether striking up a conversation in passing or making small talk while waiting for the barbecue to finish, the people of Argentina are always friendly and keen to chat.   

With regard to natural beauty, Argentina is truly blessed. My country is home to amazing glaciers, stunning waterfalls, vast deserts, and some of the biggest wetlands of the world. Argentina is also home to the highest mountains outside the Himalayas, world class wines, delicious food, and so much more. I invite everyone out there to come see it for yourselves!

3) What is so special about Boundless Journeys’ Patagonia Hiking trip?

This Boundless Journeys trip visits one of the most beautiful regions in Argentinian Patagonia in a very private and exclusive way. Since we keep the group size small, the group feels more like traveling with a family than a group of strangers. We charter private vans and take our time exploring the beautiful landscape at our own pace, stopping wherever we want for as long as we want. This approach is something that you won’t find on other tours.

Our guests really enjoy the fact that we choose to stay at “El Chalten” for 3 days, which gives us plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere of this magical little town right at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy. The trip then finishes at Helsingfors, and the chance to stay at this Estancia—with nobody else around for miles and miles—really helps guests appreciate the vastness of Patagonia.

4) What would you say to prospective guests out there about why they should choose to travel with Boundless Journeys instead of other, more corporate (larger) operators?

With Boundless Journeys, you get a great deal more personal attention than you would with a bigger group. With BJ, the experience is much more akin to traveling with a group of family and friends rather than a group of tourists. At BJ, we choose to use smaller, comfortable vans which allow for conversations with your drivers and guides along the way. Our vans are also comfortable enough to settle in and read a book or simply relax and enjoy the landscapes while in transit. Many groups use more economical options of transit which are not nearly as enjoyable!

Another big difference is the quality of the hotels. Whereas many groups use hotels that house many tourist groups, with Boundless Journeys we stay in hand-picked, exclusive accommodations where we are often the only group staying at the hotel, as with our stay at Helsingfors.

5) Why do you think it is a good idea to join a guided group trip to experience Patagonia rather than trying to experience the region independently?

A guided trip gives travelers the opportunity see the region with an experienced professional who not only knows the lay of the land, but also knows the local people. Traveling with a guide is like being with an ambassador who can help each guest get the most out of each moment throughout the experience.  Whether helping guests find the perfect dining experience or forge deeper connections with people and places you will see along the way, traveling with an experienced guide will make your trip to Patagonia much more enjoyable.

6) Finally, where is next on your travel bucket list?

There are many! Israel would be my actual number one, followed by Bhutan and Colombia. But I must admit that India is always calling me back, as it is my favorite country that I have visited so far.

Finally, I have never been to the USA where I would like to visit the National Parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite and the deserts of Utah as I’m a big fan of deserts. Alaska is a big name that is on the list as well!

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