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Appreciating the Little Things in Argentina

Just like you, the team here at Boundless Journeys are adventure travel enthusiasts drawn to destinations where we can hike, explore, and take in the outdoors. When someone says Argentina, we automatically think, “Patagonia!” The region is iconic in the adventure travel world and ranks high on our must-visit lists. The turquoise-hued lakes, the imposing Mount Fitz Roy, Glaciers National Park, country walks and mountain hikes… it’s enough to get us lacing up our boots.

Argentina is great to visit year-round, but we especially like spring and summer when the days are longer and warmer, plus we can escape from the cold up here in the Northern Hemisphere. A little secret between us—early December through March is prime travel time to Argentina and explore Patagonia, when the weather is great and before the peak crowds arrive. 

It isn’t just the renowned regions like Patagonia, Iguazu Falls and Tierra Del Fuego that make Argentina special. Argentina is a country that straddles two main identities: European and South American. Buenos Aires has been called “the Paris of the South,” and it isn’t surprising as you wander the cobbled streets with their beckoning outdoor cafes. Coffee, pastries, and of course yerba mate and alfajores are a daily ritual. The latter two you might not have heard of, but after a trip to Argentina these two flavours will always transport you back to the land of tango.

Yerba Mate is a tea-like caffeinated drink made from dried leaves and twigs of the yerba plant (native to South America). This is Argentina’s official drink and the second most-consumed beverage after water. Some days we’d even bet water takes second place. Alfajores are a dulce de leche cookie sandwich as synonymous with Argentina as Malbec and steak. These cookies are found everywhere, from Tierra Del Fuego in the far south to roadside kiosks near the Bolivian border in the north, and are even given out as breakfast on long-distance buses. According to the Buenos Aires Tourist Board Argentinians eat 1 billion alfajores a year! Why do they like them so much? Well, some things can only be experienced firsthand.

Argentina is not just known for its sweets and hot beverages. Most foodies are well aware of the asado Argentino or Argentinian BBQ. There is nothing like sitting on a stool at a traditional Argentinian asado where the meat is grilled right in front of you, sizzling and smoking as it cooks. You can point to the cut of quality local beef that whets your appetite and watch it cook to exactly your desired degree of doneness. Alternatively, we also enjoy waiting in a fine dining establishment swirling a glass of crisp, fresh Malbec in anticipation of the perfect cut.

Which brings us to our Argentine appreciation… of wine. Mendoza is a mesmerizing wine destination to explore. Located at the base of the Andes Mountains near Mount Aconcagua, Mendoza is known for its year-round sunshine, gourmet restaurants, and delicious wines. Vineyards located here are some of the highest in the world, with elevations up to 4,000 feet above sea level. It’s hard not to be spellbound while touring the vineyards with the Andes Mountains spread across the horizon.

The sites, cuisine, and impressive scenery will draw you to a destination, but what will last in your memory is the people you meet along the way and the things you learn about the lives of the locals. Argentineans are a mix of ethnic groups with a strong Italian and Spanish influence. You will find the country alive with music, art, dance, theatre, architecture, the sounds of nature and the flavours of the cuisine. The people are proud, warm and friendly. They love what is great about their country and are eager to show it off. Argentina is waiting for you to discover it.

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