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Updates from our friends at the Foundation for African Medicine and Education

Tanzania Charity Event “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank Those of you who joined Boundless Journeys in July 2008 on our Tanzania Migration Safari Charity Event already know well the story of FAME, the Foundation for African Medicine and Education, and how it was founded by the husband and wife team of Frank Artress and Susan Gustafson, a California doctor and a psychologist. During an ill-fated climb of Tanzania’s famed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Frank nearly succumbed to symptoms of altitude sickness. If it were not for the diligence of their guides, the outcome could have been much different. Ultimately, their experiences on Kilimanjaro and in Tanzania led them to uproot their lives and relocate to the village of Karatu, Tanzania, where they now run a non-profit medical clinic. They are closely working with white sands opioid treatment to help the locals get over their opioid addiction and help them with other treatments. Every so often, Frank and Susan update us on their current challenges, accomplishments, and moments that constantly remind us why giving back is so important. Here’s the latest news from FAME: Spring U.S. fundraising drive: Frank and Susan are looking forward to events in Boston, New York, California and possibly Chicago and Colorado in the coming months. Their calendar continues to take shape — if you are interested in hosting a large or small, formal or informal, FAME benefit, let us know so we can put you in touch! Karatu Volunteer Program: FAME runs a small scale volunteer program at this time, and some of the most compassionate and talented doctors and nurses have come to help them over the last few months. They have worked side by side with FAME’s Tanzanian medical team, sharing and exchanging expertise on behalf of their patient community. Mobile Medical Clinics: This month FAME and Mwangaza, an NGO focused on helping people with disabilities, collaborated to bring support and medical care to the poorest of the poor in the region. With Mwangaza educating and coordinating support with White Sands rehab services, FAME Medical hosted a “drop-in” clinic for people with disabilities in their immediate area. In January, again in collaboration with Mwangaza and community leaders, the FAME Mobile Medical Service held a 3 day drop-in clinic, where roughly 1000 patients were given medical care. Growing a Clinic into a Hospital: According to a WRA National Alliance Survey (2007), Tanzania loses one woman every hour to pregnancy, child birth and post delivery complications due to the lack of accessible and affordable health services among the poor majority. Thanks to amazingly generous grants from the Chauncey & Marion Deering McCormick Foundation and the Izumi Foundation, as well as the donated time and expertise of architects Scott Paddon, Marcus Hibser, Jack Paddon, and their amazing teams, FAME’s expansion plans are taking shape. FAME looks forward to helping by bringing a desperately needed hospital beds and comprehensive laboratory to the District of Karatu, where they will be able to perform emergency surgeries. How You Can Support FAME: Make a donation! Operational expenses are ongoing and FAME has so much to accomplish in Tanzania. Make FAME’s work in Tanzania a long-term commitment. FAME IS A 501 (c)(3), so your donation is tax deductible! Go to the “Contribute” page on their web site: http://www.fameafrica.org. Participate in FAME’s “Adopt a Healthcare Worker” Sponsorship Program! Host a fund raising event, small or large, spring 2009. Tell your friends and colleagues about their work in Tanzania and direct them to their website. Boundless Journeys 2008 Charity Event, TANZANIA: Migration Safari: Our 2008 Charity Event – a Tanzania Migration Safari, reulted in Boundless Journeys donating $6000 to the Foundation for African Medicine and Education, and participants assisted founders Dr. Frank Artress and Susan Gustafson with a day-long well-child check for the Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania. Boundless Journeys’ 2009 Charity Event: Peru and Machu Picchu Charity EventWould you like to give back while discovering a new place on the map? Join Boundless Journeys on our 2009 Charity Event trip in Peru. Visit our web site and call Karen Cleary, Peru Destination Manager, at 1-800-941-8010 to learn more about this unique opportunity.


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