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What’s Up with Wellness Travel

In the last couple of year, a new buzz word has bubbled to the forefront in the travel world – wellness travel. Maybe you’ve seen an article about this shared on social media or in a travel magazine you’re browsing at the dentist office. 

The term seems to cover a wide swatch of travel experiences – everything from sober yoga retreats to forest bathing. So, it basically encompasses any experience aimed at escaping from our daily grind, de-stressing, and doing things that are beneficial for our mental, physical, or spiritual health.

In that case, adventure and active travel – what we do – certainly falls under this banner of wellness travel. In reality, we’ve been championing this notion for years – getting out into nature, putting down your phones, traveling at a leisurely pace, having immersive experiences over frenetic sightseeing, and getting the your blood moving are all ways to distress, detoxify, become healthier, and live a better life. And science backs us up on this. Numerous studies have shown that all those activities have positive effects on our minds and bodies. We’ve been offering this kind of travel for almost 20 years without giving it a trendy name!

There’s such a spectrum of wellness travel and adventure travel, but the two certainly intersect as the goals are similar – helping us be more mindful of ourselves and the world around us. Here are a few of our trips that stand out as particularly “wellness” focused.

BHUTAN – Spirituality and Wellness Journey or any of our other Bhutan adventures

  • – Spend a night at a monastery
  • – Learn about ancient traditional medicine and Buddhism
  • – Visit hallowed meditation caves and hike to the iconic sacred Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • – Chat with monks and enjoy guided meditation sessions
COSTA RICA – Nature’s Wonders Revealed or Private Family Adventures

  • – Explore nature in a myriad of ways—ziplining, kayaking, hiking, and via jungle bridges
  • – Observe the rich biodiversity including monkeys, tapirs, sloths, and amazing birdlife
  • – Enjoy hot springs, yoga, and spa treatments


BOTSWANA – Desert & Delta Safari or Undiscovered Okavango Delta Safari

  • – Experience a digital detox in untouched wilderness with abundant wildlife
  • – Enjoy game drives, tracking walks, mokoro canoeing, and luxurious “glamping” accommodations
  • – Learn from our expert naturalist guides 


THE ALPS – Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking

  • – Complete one of Europe’s most epic hiking routes
  • – Explore charming Alpine towns in France, Italy, and Switzerland
  • – Hike over high passes across country borders
  • – Savor the regional culinary delights and enjoy trailside picnics with unreal views

SPAIN – Hiking the Camino de Santiago

  • – Hike inn-to-inn along one of the three great pilgrimage routes of medieval Christendom
  • – Enjoy guided tours of UNESCO World Heritage sites and cathedrals
  • – Opt to attend a pilgrim’s mass


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