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A Cessna takes off from a dirt landing strip

Everything You Need to Know about Sky Safaris

What is a sky safari? When you hear the phrase “sky safari,” your mind may wander to scenes of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford soaring above the Masai Mara in a single prop plane in Out Of Africa. That image is partly true—you’ll still witness the majesty of destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania, but… Read More »

Staff Picks: Unforgettable Experiences

While paused at the moment, our team of travel experts regularly sets out to research potential destinations and scout new trips, working to ensure that new itineraries are thoughtfully curated, field-tested, and seamlessly planned before the first tour departs! Sometimes we join a departure of an existing tour to ensure the itinerary is still as… Read More »

What's Up with Wellness Travel

In the last couple of year, a new buzz word has bubbled to the forefront in the travel world – wellness travel. Maybe you’ve seen an article about this shared on social media or in a travel magazine you’re browsing at the dentist office. Wellness travel is all about taking a break from the daily grind… Read More »

Endless Elbow Room

Like Julie Andrews in the opening of the Sound of Music with arms outstretched and twirling in an open field, there’s nothing I enjoy more than having a lot of room to myself. This is one reason I always prefer to travel to lesser-known sites and regions—there’s space to explore undisturbed and enjoy unobstructed views.  Blissfully, there still remain… Read More »

World's Best Waterfalls

From a thin trickle of water down a rock wall to thundering, foaming torrents, waterfalls are as diverse as the landscapes in which they are found. They ebb and flow with rainfall and snowmelt, dive into crystal clear pools, and carve out rocks over millennia. Each one has its own personality. Which one(s) will you get to… Read More »

The Mighty Tug of War, African Folktale

Storytelling is an important part of traditional African culture through the continent. Sometimes stories explain something in nature, but often they are fables meant to impart a moral or lesson.  Our safari partners, Wilderness Safaris, shared with us a few stories that they’ve collected over the years from their staff and guides, many who hail… Read More »

Bucket List Trips to Plan Now

While we understand that there is much uncertainty around the future of travel at this time, we’re sure you have a dream trip (or two) on your bucket list. Even given the current situation, people are eager to travel, and 2021 trips are already starting to fill at an unprecedented rate. If you’re not quite… Read More »

Our Favorite Adventure Books 2.0

After our very first Temporary Armchair Traveler email with a few of our favorite books about adventure and other cultures, not only did we come up with more, but a few of our guests shared their recommendations, as well. Here’s our next round if you’ve finished the last batch or are practicing tsundoku and need a few… Read More »

Video: South Africa Safari

Perhaps Africa’s most bio-diverse nation, South Africa will impress even the most seasoned adventurer. To show it all to you at the utmost advantage, Boundless Journeys has partnered with the best local guides, lodges, and hotels, ensuring you an experience of the highest quality. From game drives in Kruger National Park and the private Sabi… Read More »

Why the Lion Roars - An African Story

Storytelling is an important part of traditional African culture, and these tales often teach a lesson or explain something in nature. In a nod to this tradition, when on safari, you might return from dinner to find an African folk story placed on your bed. Here is one of my favorites, perfect for reading to… Read More »


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