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Greenland glacier

All About Glaciers

Glaciers are impressive natural formations. Massive and always on the move, glaciers are nothing short of magnificent. Scientists learn an incredible amount of information from glacial ice about historical precipitation and temperature cycles, atmospheric chemistry composition, solar variability, volcanic eruptions, and other scientific things. But wait! There is plenty to learn, even for the non-scientist:… Read More »

Endless Elbow Room

Like Julie Andrews in the opening of the Sound of Music with arms outstretched and twirling in an open field, there’s nothing I enjoy more than having a lot of room to myself. This is one reason I always prefer to travel to lesser-known sites and regions—there’s space to explore undisturbed and enjoy unobstructed views.  Blissfully, there still remain… Read More »

World's Best Waterfalls

From a thin trickle of water down a rock wall to thundering, foaming torrents, waterfalls are as diverse as the landscapes in which they are found. They ebb and flow with rainfall and snowmelt, dive into crystal clear pools, and carve out rocks over millennia. Each one has its own personality. Which one(s) will you get to… Read More »

8 of the World's Most Beautiful Lakes

In the heat of the summer (it can get into the 90s here in Vermont), my family and I are so grateful for the little pond in our yard. While it may not be particularly grand, it is quintessential Vermont and perfect for a swim on a hot day. No matter how large or small,… Read More »

How to make empanadas

Hi there! As the destination manager for Argentina, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to scout our Patagonia Hiking Adventure a couple of years ago. I was mostly excited for the mountains but was delightfully surprised by the fantastic food, including the famed empanadas—Argentina’s most popular snack. Although these half-moon, stuffed pastries originated… Read More »

Patagonia Slideshow

Argentina: Patagonia Hiking Journey Vast, remote, and at times, unforgiving, it’s a place that has captured the imaginations of everyone from explorers and scientists, to ranchers and visitors from around the globe. Interested? Contact Michelle at 1-800-941-8010 or [email protected].

The Way of the Gaucho

Argentina’s gauchos, or cowboys, are skilled horsemen who represent much more: they are also nomadic ranchers, a national symbol, folk heroes, brave hunters, and romanticized outlaws. The remote, rugged, and dramatic landscapes of Argentina have shaped the gaucho way of life and living culture. In the 18th and 19th centuries, ranching became a booming industry in Argentina. As expert… Read More »

Sounds of the World

We rarely talk about the sounds that we encounter when traveling and how they may differ by or even define a destination. We highlight the other senses—views from the trail, the tastes of cuisine, the feeling of dirt beneath our feet, and the scent of pine or the ocean, but we don’t talk about what we… Read More »


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