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7 Cultural Treasures of the World

No exploration of a new walking tour destination is complete without interacting with and learning about the culture. Culture affects the landscape and vice versa. For us, a well-rounded, fulfilling journey means balancing time in nature with unique cultural encounters. Here are 7 of our favorite cultural treasures of the world:  It’s impossible to describe… Read More »

Video: Peru's Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu

Peru is equal parts magnificent beauty, mysterious ancient cultures, and treasured heritage. In this picturesque and rustic country, messages from mountainside Incan temples seem lifted to the heavens on Andean peaks. For nature lovers, archaeology buffs, and adventurers of any measure, our tours in Peru reveal the country’s intimate heart. Check out the full itinerary for… Read More »

The Mighty Tug of War, African Folktale

Storytelling is an important part of traditional African culture through the continent. Sometimes stories explain something in nature, but often they are fables meant to impart a moral or lesson.  Our safari partners, Wilderness Safaris, shared with us a few stories that they’ve collected over the years from their staff and guides, many who hail… Read More »

Patagonia Slideshow

Argentina: Patagonia Hiking Journey Vast, remote, and at times, unforgiving, it’s a place that has captured the imaginations of everyone from explorers and scientists, to ranchers and visitors from around the globe. Interested? Contact Michelle at 1-800-941-8010 or Michelle@boundlessjourneys.com.

Curiosity of Language

Language is a curious portal into understanding a culture—an insight into what’s important in a society. For example, Icelanders have over 40 words to describe snow because it’s an inherent part of living in Iceland. And there are dozens of words to describe camels and their behavior in Arabic because North African and Middle-Eastern desert… Read More »

Winter in Iceland Slideshow

Iceland: Northern Lights Adventure From the dancing colors above to the vast and stunning landscape here on earth, Iceland tours do not disappoint. Interested? Contact Deborah at 1-800-941-8010.

Scotland's Most Beloved Festivals

Although the Highland Games may have originated in Ireland 3,000 years ago, they are now one of Scotland’s oldest and most treasured traditions, taking place in localities throughout the country. Equal parts athletic competition, heritage celebration, and community festival, they are a highlight in the Scottish calendar each summer. One of the main parts of any games are… Read More »

Our Favorite Adventure Books 2.0

After our very first Temporary Armchair Traveler email with a few of our favorite books about adventure and other cultures, not only did we come up with more, but a few of our guests shared their recommendations, as well. Here’s our next round if you’ve finished the last batch or are practicing tsundoku and need a few… Read More »

Camino de Santiago Slideshow

Spain: HIking the Camino de Santiago Walk in the footsteps of the multitudes who have traveled before on this historic and spiritual route across northwest Spain. Interested? Contact Emily at 1-800-941-8010 or emily@boundlessjourneys.com.

Video: South Africa Safari

Perhaps Africa’s most bio-diverse nation, South Africa will impress even the most seasoned adventurer. To show it all to you at the utmost advantage, Boundless Journeys has partnered with the best local guides, lodges, and hotels, ensuring you an experience of the highest quality. From game drives in Kruger National Park and the private Sabi… Read More »


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