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6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Visit the Azores

Almost a decade ago, I first learned of the Azores in an article titled something like, “remote islands that no one knows about.” I certainly hadn’t known they existed, which, perhaps is why I was drawn to them once I could point them out on a map. The thought of a collection of volcanic islands… Read More »

A pair of people walk towards a white city in the distance

Puglia Slideshow

Italy: Discovering Puglia This region, on the heel of Italy’s boot, is a place where the union of art, food, and nature has been celebrated for years. Interested? Contact Deborah at 1-800-941-8010 or Deborah@boundlessjourneys.com.

5 Things to Know for Your First Small-Group Tour

So, you’ve never been on a small-group tour? Neither had I until I started working in the travel industry. Most of my traveling was done post-college, solo, and with a big backpack. While I had a lot of fun, saw some amazing sites, and had life-changing experiences, I won’t return to that way of traveling.… Read More »

The Island that Time Forgot

Often shrouded in fog, Great Blasket Island lies just three miles off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula. At the height of its population in the mid-1800s, around 150 farmers and fishermen eked out a life on its windswept slopes. That’s where time stopped on Great Blasket. As the rest of the world moved into… Read More »

alpine parrot new zealand

A Nature Lover’s Paradise: New Zealand’s South Island Flora & Fauna

A long, long time ago—about 80 million years—the islands that make up present-day New Zealand separated from the Gondwana supercontinent. That left the wildlife on board a few dozen millennia to do their own thing, resulting in an ecosystem like nowhere else in the world.  That’s the main reason a trip to New Zealand feels… Read More »

The Icelandic Highlands: A Rugged Wonderland

If you really want to get away from it all, the interior of Iceland is like nothing you have ever experienced before. The mountainous center of the island, with its rocky deserts, jagged mountain peaks, ice caps, volcanoes, hidden valleys, and hot springs, is an awe-inspiring and untouched wilderness. For centuries, the interior of Iceland… Read More »

A paddler sets out in a kayak

Washington’s San Juan Islands: History and Highlights

Nestled between Vancouver Island and the mainland, you’ll find quintessentially west coast geography where mountains rise dramatically from the sea and humpback whales swim peacefully through the straits. Time moves more slowly in the San Juan Islands; the archipelago is a remarkable enclave that draws naturalists, artists, and history buffs alike with its laidback pace,… Read More »

The Western Fjords: Exploring Norway’s Majestic Landscapes

The Western Fjords—the name has a fantastical, faraway ring. Yet they’re a very real part of the Norwegian landscape, as much as the snowy mountains and sweeping waterways look like something out a storybook. You might have to pinch yourself a time or two along the way, but you’ll see them with your own eyes… Read More »

Explore Slovenias lakes and islands

Video: Hiking Slovenia's Julian Alps

Slovenia is a stunning country that is tucked between the more popular countries of Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Slovenia flies under the radar, which makes it the perfect destination for travel trendsetters and adventurous travelers who like exploring a place few others have been. See the Slovenia & Croatia itinerary.

Greenland glacier

All About Glaciers

Glaciers are impressive natural formations. Massive and always on the move, glaciers are nothing short of magnificent. Scientists learn an incredible amount of information from glacial ice about historical precipitation and temperature cycles, atmospheric chemistry composition, solar variability, volcanic eruptions, and other scientific things. But wait! There is plenty to learn, even for the non-scientist:… Read More »


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