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Douro Valley

8 Best Places to Go in April & May

There are some places where spring is the best time of year to visit—the landscape pops with color, few other travelers share the trails and towns, and the weather is near-ideal for being outdoors. Let us help you find the perfect destination for your springtime adventure! Bhutan Why April? The mountainous areas of Bhutan have pronounced rainy… Read More »

The Spirit of Discovery: Traveling to Places Unknown

The history of humanity is steeped in the notion that staying still is simply not an option. Traversing continents, our earliest ancestors set out to expand and adapt to every corner of the globe. This inability to remain static is responsible for the birth of culture itself, as traditions, cuisine, and belief systems grew out… Read More »

Kyoto market

What to do in Kyoto

On our Hiking the Nakasendo Trail adventure, we explore the outskirts and “old town” of Kyoto, but the city has so much more to offer if you can arrive a few days before the trip. Kyoto is very large, and public transportation is efficient and relatively easy to use compared to the rest of Japan. That being… Read More »

Himalayan mountains with a hiker trekking in Nepal

9 Things to Know about Inn-to-Inn Hikes

Most people who have never been on a multi-day hiking or trekking trip don’t know what to expect from such an adventure. With five people in our office who have done this type of trip, we’ve compiled this “need to know” list for those of you who may already be reserved or are thinking about… Read More »

Japanese Food

What to Eat in Japan

Simple. Tidy. Fresh. These are the three adjectives we would use to describe Japanese cuisine. While many countries in Asia use a plethora of spices in their food, the Japanese prefer less complicated flavors, allowing the main ingredients and a few seasonings (commonly soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger) to speak for themselves. Even in a… Read More »

History of the Nakasendo Trail

The Nakasendo Trail dates to the Edo Period, an era in Japan’s history spanning from 1603 to 1868. It was characterized by economic growth, social stability, isolationism, and interest in arts and culture. In the early years, there was a need to develop a communication and transportation network so the shogunate (a government ruled by… Read More »

How to Take a Japanese Bath, or Onsen Etiquette

An onsen is a hot spring, and the Japanese love soaking in them. The Japanese archipelago sits at the convergence of four tectonic plates, making it an incredible location for geothermal activity. There are more than 25,000 natural hot springs in the country and around 3,000 spas where people can have a traditional onsen experience.… Read More »

How to Spend 15 Hours on an Airplane

Of all the destinations that we offer, southern Africa, Asia, and Palau are the only places where you’d need a 15+ hour nonstop flight to get there. When I traveled to Bhutan to join our Hiking in the Peaceful Kingdom trip, I flew nonstop from New York to Guangzhou, China (16 hours), and then on… Read More »

Understanding the Monastic Robes of Buddhism

Asia is a treasure trove of unique cultures, preserved traditions, and vibrant colors. From the intricate thangka paintings in Bhutan to Vietnam’s brightly-lit lanterns, everywhere you turn, your eyes are delighted with rich hues. The monks and nuns are often the most colorfully-dressed in their eye-catching robes. Depending on the country and type of Buddhism… Read More »


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