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5 Ways to Add Slow Travel to Your Life

You may have heard the term Slow Travel, an offshoot of the Slow Movement, which began with Slow Food. All three are grounded in the notion that quality matters more than quantity. Slow Travel is not a mode of transportation, it’s a travel mindset that our staff and guides wholeheartedly support and champion in our… Read More »

How to Get to Bhutan

Tucked in the Himalayas between India and China, the Kingdom of Bhutan is both remote and a bit more complicated to visit than your average Boundless Journeys destination. The good news? It’s well-worth the extra effort! Read on for tips, tricks, and fast facts about this emerging destination. Bhutan has one international airport (in Paro)… Read More »

8 Best Places to Go in April & May

There are some places where spring is the best time of year to visit—the landscape pops with color, few other travelers share the trails and towns, and the weather is near-ideal for being outdoors. Let us help you find the perfect destination for your springtime adventure! Bhutan Why April? The mountainous areas of Bhutan have pronounced rainy… Read More »

Interview with One of Our Bhutan Guides

Mr. Wangchuk, as his fellow Bhutanese call him, was born in Thimphu and is deeply connected with his family—returning to his ancestral village every winter to attend a ritual ceremony. He has been guiding for more than ten years and has explored many of the rural valleys and villages of Bhutan. An avid hiker, excellent… Read More »

Best Places to Go in February and March

Planning your next vacation for early next year? Wondering what the best places to go in February and March are? Since most of us are stuck in the bleak doldrums of winter, February and March are wonderful months to travel. Not only is it a perfect time for a pick-me-up at this point in the… Read More »

5 Cures for the Average Vacation

As travelers ourselves, we are not interested in average vacations. We want to take the path less-traveled, head to secluded spots, and traverse the landscape. As more people travel for leisure and places become ever-more connected, it can be hard to suss out the average from the extraordinary. Let us help you out with a few examples. Average:… Read More »

Video: Hiking in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Along the lofty ridges of the Himalayas lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, a place that has remained blissfully untouched by the rest of the world.

5 Places to Go in September & October

I once saw a statistic that said most people plan their vacations just six months ahead of time. Based on the cycle of reservations, I’d say that does ring true, somewhat. Of course, there are always people that plan far in advance (I am one of them), and even in February we get requests for… Read More »

9 Things to Know about Inn-to-Inn Hikes

Most people who have never been on a multi-day hiking or trekking trip don’t know what to expect from such an adventure. With five people in our office who have done this type of trip, we’ve compiled this “need to know” list for those of you who may already be reserved or are thinking about… Read More »

Bhutan, a Country of Fascinating Contrasts

Bhutan is a rural, rustic, and beautiful country. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much has changed in the last hundred years (apart from the fact that some Buddhist monks have cell phones). Yet, when you delve further into the culture and governance, they are actually doing some very modern and forward-thinking things. Recognizing… Read More »


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