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Portugal Cheese

8 Foods to Try in Portugal

Countries and regions that have historically been heavily involved in trade have had their cuisine evolve over time and adopt flavors and recipes from the cultures with which they’ve come into contact. This is especially true for Portugal, since it was a major player during the Age of Exploration, colonizing in South America, India, Africa,… Read More »

6 Reasons Why It’s Time to Visit the Azores

Almost a decade ago, I first learned of the Azores in an article titled something like, “remote islands that no one knows about.” I certainly hadn’t known they existed, which, perhaps is why I was drawn to them once I could point them out on a map. The thought of a collection of volcanic islands… Read More »

Fado: Portugal’s Own Musical Genre

While many countries and regions have traditional music, Fado music is one of just a few that has been put on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. I bet you didn’t even know that existed until just now. You can read more about the ICHL on the UNESCO website, but let’s get back to Fado.… Read More »

A pair of people walk towards a white city in the distance

Puglia Slideshow

Italy: Discovering Puglia This region, on the heel of Italy’s boot, is a place where the union of art, food, and nature has been celebrated for years. Interested? Contact Deborah at 1-800-941-8010 or Deborah@boundlessjourneys.com.

The Island that Time Forgot

Often shrouded in fog, Great Blasket Island lies just three miles off the coast of the Dingle Peninsula. At the height of its population in the mid-1800s, around 150 farmers and fishermen eked out a life on its windswept slopes. That’s where time stopped on Great Blasket. As the rest of the world moved into… Read More »

aerial view of city buildings during daytime Reykjavik

Dinner is Served! Five Icelandic Dishes for the Fearless Diner

Iceland is a land of opportunity for the adventurous at heart, and no less so at the dining table. Whether grabbing a quick snack of putrefied shark meat or a hearty meal of boiled sheep’s head and potatoes, Icelanders know how to bring a little excitement in with the dinner bell. If you’re lucky enough… Read More »

Norway Slideshow

Norway: Western Fjord Adventures Discover the fjords and mountains of this dramatic region. Interested? Contact Deborah at 1-800-941-8010 or Deborah@boundlessjourneys.com.

How Water Has Shaped Norwegian Culture

We all know that water sustains life. But for Norwegians, whose population is concentrated along the coasts where the famous fjords dramatically cut into the landscape, water has literally shaped their culture. It’s in their heritage—Vikings, after all, were incredibly successful seafarers. While there are many miles of roads in Norway, much of the transportation… Read More »

Peru’s Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu: What to Know Before You Go

The Sacred Valley of Peru is a feast for the senses—colorful woven fabrics, mountains that soar skyward with little warning (or foothills), an ancient culture full of innovation, and a contemporary cuisine that has emerged from traditional crops, international influence, and creative playfulness among the country’s best chefs. In September 2018, I joined our Machu… Read More »

Video: Granada to Fes

For centuries, southern Spain and Morocco — separated by the 9-mile Strait of Gibraltar — have shared a sometimes-fraught history, but have maintained distinct identities and a rich cultural heritage that has left them forever intertwined. Check out the full itinerary.


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