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7 Bragworthy Experiences

It’s probably obvious that here at Boundless Journeys, we are passionate about travel. But more specifically, we’re passionate about finding and creating incredible, one-of-a-kind adventures that will leave you with lasting memories…because, quite frankly, they have left us with lasting memories. If you want to truly immersive adventure in a destination—the people, the environment, and… Read More »

Alpine Wine & Cheese

What do you get when you travel through three countries with some of the best culinary traditions in the world? A gastronomic delight of immense proportions. While the Mont Blanc region spanning France, Italy, and Switzerland is known for big cheese names such as Gruyere and Fontina, there are many smaller cheesemakers that produce specific… Read More »

Hike the Scottish Highlands

Staff Picks: 7 of Our Favorite Hikes

It may come as no surprise that we are a pretty outdoorsy bunch here at Boundless Journeys. In the summer we go for runs or bike rides on our lunch breaks, in the winter we ski before work. And of course, we hike when we travel. Here are our favorite hikes around the world and… Read More »

Hike the Inca Trail on a Peru Custom Tour

Top Picks for Best Multi-Gen Trips

Travel can transcend the limitations of age, both young and old, and exploring the world with your family offers the chance to open the minds of younger generations while whittling down the bucket list for older generations. Traveling engages children of all ages in the greater world, and their excitement is contagious! If you’re thinking… Read More »

4 Life-changing Travel Moments

We frequently receive emails, phone calls, and even letters after our guests return from their Boundless Journeys adventures. They express gratitude for our knowledge and adept planning, enthusiasm for what they learned and witnessed, and “boundless” praise for our phenomenal guides. We most enjoy when they include an anecdote of a moment or experience that… Read More »

Your Travel Gift-Giving Guide | 6 Top Adventures

Although it may seem a bit early to talk about the holidays, there are already decorations in stores, and it snowed at our home office in Vermont last week! So, we know the gift-giving season isn’t far away, and we have a great, out-of-the-box (literally) idea for you—the gift of travel! Let me explain why… Read More »

On the Trail: Tour du Mont Blanc

In August, I was thrilled to join one of our groups on the Tour du Mont Blanc. As the most recent addition to the Boundless Journeys home team, it was important for me to experience what we do first-hand, how our tours operate, what our guides do, and learn about our guests and the destination. I… Read More »

7 Must-Go Destinations for 2017

Each year we see ebbs and flows—sometimes destinations that are more popular in some years than others. It can be hard to predict, but we pay close attention to both the micro trends we see from guest evaluations, reservations, and personal feedback, as well as the goings-on in the world-at-large. And from those factors, here… Read More »

Cheese, wine and grapes

Spend A Night in These 5 Historic European Hotels

Spring is a great time to plan a hiking trip in Europe, and after long days on the trail, our carefully selected boutique hotels are the perfect place to rest your head. But what you may not know is that many of our favorite properties are also housing centuries’ worth of history. From famous writers’… Read More »

The Best Adventure Travel Books

When you’re not making your own adventure travel memories, a great travel book is often the best way to bridge the gap. Immersive and beautifully written, these 10 books will whisk you away to far off places—all from the comfort of your own home.


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