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Featured Journey: Morocco, Imperial Cities and Desert Oases

Morocco Trip Overview From medieval souks in Fez, to the awesome grandeur of the Sahara, to the lands of traditional Berber agriculturalists in the High Atlas Mountains, our exploration of exotic Morocco embraces the diversity of this ancient and fascinating land. Venture back to a slower time of mint tea in shaded courtyards, and experience… Read More »

Boundless Journeys Voted Best Tour Operator

Global Traveler Announces 7th Annual Reader Survey Award Winners BEST TOUR OPERATOR: BOUNDLESS JOURNEYS The GT Tested Reader Survey names the top in the travel industry. The results are in! For the seventh consecutive year, Global Traveler conducted its GT Tested Reader Survey, asking frequent business and luxury travelers to name the best in a… Read More »

Adventure travel in Asia - the world's largest continent

Independent-minded adventurers have long found themselves drawn to Asia. The continent’s mystique is commonly bound in such ambiguous phrases as ‘eastern religion’, and ‘far east’. While such references may be unhelpful, they do allude to a spiritual calling and a land far removed from that found in the west. And in many of this continent’s… Read More »

Walking tours and the finest foods

Traveling to a foreign country, you’ll quickly spot the differences, the subtleties and the intricacies of a new culture. On a walking tour it’s even more marked, as you get to engage on a personal level with your surroundings. Food is an integral part of a country’s culture, however it’s not always the first thing… Read More »

Palau: The Rock Islands' Secret Fleet

When preparing for a hiking tour, a trekking tour, or an adventure travel vacation, most people think to pack boots, and waterproof and fleece jackets. Well, in some cases you might not need more than a bikini, trunks and a snorkel! In fact, if you are packing for travel to Palau, we would suggest these… Read More »

Adventure Travel, Hiking, and Trekking Trips to Bhutan this Fall

Along the lofty ridges of the Himalayas lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, a place that has remained blissfully untouched by the rest of the world. With very few visitors entering the country, Bhutan’s landscape has remained pristine, its rivers pure, and its mountains magical. Bhutan’s people are gracious, the culture is rich, and spirituality is… Read More »

Ten phrases to take on Safari in Tanzania

Whether it’s during a Tanzania safari or just on general travel to Tanzania, every traveler should have mastered some of the local language before they arrive. There are always certain phrases that will prove invaluable when traveling. That said, it’s not always easy, but it can be just plain rude to leave without learning the… Read More »

Italy: How to order that coffee

As travelers on a walking tour in Italy it’s essential we make the effort to understand local customs, traditions and ways. Well, when ordering coffee it can be difficult to get what you want. Ordering coffee used to be easy. You can even make it at home with the freshest coffee beans from https://www.tankcoffee.com/ which… Read More »

What’s happening in Tuscany?

With warmer weather upon its way, Europe is looking perfect for a hiking or walking tour. Spring is bringing Europe to life, especially in its more rural areas, such as the Italian region of Tuscany. Carpeted in vineyards and olive groves, the Tuscan countryside is dotted with medieval hill towns. Travel to Tuscany and it… Read More »

Lets go to Bhutan on a Walking Tour

Booked for Bhutan? So what now? Why Bhutan? If you’ve decided mass tourism’s not for you and you are set on a Bhutan walking tour, here are the basics. So where is Bhutan? Snuggled between India and China. Bhutan takes its name from the powerful weather systems of the Himalayas. Bhutan (from the Bhutanese Druk… Read More »


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