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4 Life-changing Travel Moments

We frequently receive emails, phone calls, and even letters after our guests return from their Boundless Journeys adventures. They express gratitude for our knowledge and adept planning, enthusiasm for what they learned and witnessed, and “boundless” praise for our phenomenal guides. We most enjoy when they include an anecdote of a moment or experience that… Read More »

Which African Safari Destination is Right for You?

Having just returned from a fabulous, elephant-focused Zimbabwe safari, I was reminded (as I always am in Africa) that the African continent is incredibly diverse in landscapes and ecosystems, cultures, and wildlife. You could spend years exploring every remote corner and vibrant capital—and many people have: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” However, with regard to wildlife… Read More »

A Glimpse into the Wilds of Zambia

Our Southern Africa team lead, Craig Glatthaar, whom you may have heard if you attended our Botswana or South Africa webinars, was recently out in the Zambian bush and sent us an incredible recap of his time in Kafue National Park. I’m in Lusaka and on my way back from the Kafue. I had a great… Read More »

7 Must-Go Destinations for 2017

Each year we see ebbs and flows—sometimes destinations that are more popular in some years than others. It can be hard to predict, but we pay close attention to both the micro trends we see from guest evaluations, reservations, and personal feedback, as well as the goings-on in the world-at-large. And from those factors, here… Read More »

7 Things You Never Knew About the Northern Lights

In honor of our Iceland: Northern Lights Adventure and Finland: Exploring Arctic Lapland tour we’re taking a closer look at the breathtaking aurora borealis, a natural wonder that has inspired civilizations around the globe since the beginning of time. If you’re looking to get a little inspired yourself this March, our 6-day adventure will take in this event… Read More »

Under-the-radar safari destination

We’ve just heard from our friend, Craig Glatthaar, former safari guide and now our local partner in Southern Africa, about some exciting new developments in Zimbabwe. Wilderness Safaris’ newest Zim camp, Linkwasha, is located on the prolific southeastern region of Hwange National Park and also close to the Ngamo Plains, which rival the Kalahari as… Read More »

8 Things to Know About New Zealand’s South Island

Known for its snow-capped Alps, misty valleys, and ancient rainforests, the landscape of New Zealand’s South Island is unlike anywhere else in the world. If you’ve ever considered adventuring in New Zealand or are just looking to expand your travel horizons, here are eight great reasons to visit New Zealand’s South Island: 1. In Nelson, they don’t just look at… Read More »

4 Top Destinations for Women Who Love Adventure

It’s never too late to make 2015 your year of adventure, and at Boundless Journeys, we offer plenty of opportunities for our female travelers to get out on the trails in remarkable places, see sights they’ve only dreamed of (and capture them on film!), and enjoy rich cultural encounters with local schools, artisan groups, and… Read More »

Our Favorite Adventure Travel Blogs

For those of us in the adventure travel world, there is nothing like getting on a plane and landing in a foreign land: somewhere new and unknown, ripe for exploration. It’s what we all live for at Boundless Journeys. But at the same time, each of us at the office has a life here in… Read More »

The 10 Best Adventure Travel Destinations in 2015

‘Where to next?’ is one of our favorite questions to ask here at Boundless Journeys, and now is the perfect time to look ahead at next year’s travel calendar. From the sapphire-blue Mediterranean to the storied green hills of East Africa, we have a host of exciting new departures on the horizon, and picking our… Read More »


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